Albedon Wars – Early Access

Written by Marcello TBL

Albedon Wars

Albedon Wars, an interesting mix of role-playing and card game developed by the Italian indie studio Firemill Games is actually available through Steam in early access.

What is Albedon Wars?

Albedon Wars combines the depth of a strategic card game with the immersive enjoyment of a multiplayer role-playing game.

Set in a hostile unpredictable world, two ancient rival races are locked in a never-ending struggle for supremacy. Each player assumes the role of a hero commanding a troop that has to tackle formidable opponents, complete exciting quests, and conquer enemy territories. They form a group of companions, unlock cards and abilities, build their deck and join one of two factions in a war that is ravaging the planet Krenus.

A world in continuous evolution, a vast number of collectible cards, a huge range of possible strategies, and a multitude of unlockable abilities, make Albedon Wars an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind game experience.

What will you do?

Explore: Explore the vast universe of Albedon Wars. Cities, neighborhoods, shops are there for you to investigate for the greater good of your faction.

Collect Card: Increase your collection of cards by exploring hidden dungeons and defeating enemies. Every zone has unique cards to discover and collect!

Collect Units: The more you travel the more people you will meet. Convince them to join you to make for a powerful (yet balanced) group. Strategize!

Collect Resources: Gather precious resources for your faction while your travel. Albedonite is running low and citizens rely on you! Participate in a common goal!

Strategic Fight: Fight for the control of valuable and strategic zones on the world map.

Tactical Fight: Learn a completely new Card Game where enemy destruction is paired with zone control for the ultimate tactical challenge.


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