Anomaly Collapse – An Upcoming Furry Turn-Based Roguelite

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Anomaly Collapse Official Art. Main Characters splash art. Dog, Bear, Sheep.

Publisher Spiral Up Games has recently released another turn-based RPG that has garnered positive feedback. Now, they have another promising turn-based RPG that’s going to be released under their banner. From the developers of Hardcore Mecha, RocketPunch Games introduces their new upcoming turn-based furry roguelite strategy RPG, Anomaly Collapse.

Anomaly Collapse battle system.

Anomaly Collapse is a turn-based furry Roguelite strategy game that offers a fresh twist. Face off against otherworldly beings. Uncover the dark secrets of supernatural calamities. And immerse yourself in a story where every move counts!

The game thrusts you into an innovative one-dimensional battlefield grid. Movements are minimized, but strategy is maximized. Outmaneuver your foes by mastering the art of flanking, backstabbing, and cornering. Equip your furry warriors with “abnormalities”, artifacts that possess active or passive effects. Play around with a vast collection of power-ups scattered throughout the game.

Leverage the power of abnormalities and mix and match them to create the ultimate battle strategy! Craft a team of adorably formidable furry fighters, each boasting distinct classes and traits. Synergize their skills and strategize combinations all while experiencing their intriguing backstories.

Loadout screen where you can view a character's stats and equipment.

Anomaly Collapse – Planned Features

  • Roguelite
  • 8 Characters
  • 100+ Skills
  • 100+ Traits
  • 4 Chapters
  • 2 Endings
  • 50+ Monsters
  • 10+ Boss Fights
  • 200+ Unique Abnormalities
  • 30+ Events
  • 20+ Unlockable Features For Each Character
  • Full Controller Support
  • Achievements (Steam)


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