Quasimorph: Grimdark Sci-fi RPG Launches In Early Access

Written by VeryWetLeaf

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The long awaited grimdark sci-fi turn-based roguelite extraction RPG Quasimorph releases on Steam early access. Made by Magnum Scriptum, Quasimorph is released under the HypeTrain Digital banner along with games such as Black Book and Stoneshard. This brutal extraction roguelite offers dozens of hours of replayability.

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Quasimorph mixes turn-based roguelike RPG with a unique extraction twist. Dying means losing everything you took on the mission but surviving means you get to keep everything you looted. No exceptions, no excuses, no mercy.

In the far future, space itself is privatized by corporations that actively seize control of the Solar System. It is up to you to uncover the truth as well as the unforgivable things that humanity has committed in the deep, dark depths of space. Become the boss of your own Private Military Company while carrying out orders from corporations and earn your reputation through blood and sweat.

Explore planetary bases, secret labs, and spaceship wreckage for new technologies, abilities, and other items. But why risk yourself when you don’t have to? Clone the best employees and send them to certain death to probe the weakness of your opponents.

In Quasimorph, a strange disease is spreading on space stations. Rifts are opening the way to demons from Bramphatur. Corporations are hiring ruthless mercenaries to carry out their shadow operations. It is up to you to unravel the mysteries of the Quasimorphosis.


  • Turn Based Strategy
  • Roguelite Elements
  • Extraction Mechanics
  • Exploration
  • Resource Management
  • Character Management
  • Brutal Combat


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