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Best of the last week 2-8 December

Written by Marcello TBL

Best of the week

Odd Gods – 10 Turns Interview with the developer

Odd Gods Overview

Our interview with Gil Maclean, developer of one of the most promising and intriguing cRPG. Lots of info and details cames out. Here’s the interview

Phoenix Point – Released

Phoenix Point

All the spotlights on the new creation by Julian Gollop. Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy game with all the X-com identification mechanics. I’m currently playing it and posting video gameplay on the YouTube channel. The review will come soon. Epic Store link

Tactics: Age of Affliction – Released

Magnolia Turn-based pc

A strategy RPG focused on rebuilding your capital city and planning your tactical excursions into the wildland of the Old World. You’ll be responsible for the fate of your people through difficult choices. Will you bring safety and comfort or will you die and be forgotten? Steam page

Z Dawn – Released

Z Dawn - Pc Game

After an early access period, it’s been released last week. Z Dawn is a turn-based strategy RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where we have to guide a group of survivors and help them deal with other survivor communities and horde of Zombies. Actually you’ll find my first look video on the youtube channel. Steam page

Legions at War – Released

Legions at War

Unique sandbox platform for the enjoyment of turn-based tactics/strategy games. You control modern military and classical chess units, so be prepared for incredibly challenging turn-based challenges in the campaign or massive online tournaments against the best strategic minds in the world. Steam page

Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors – Early Access released

Norfolk Warriors

Featuring familiar table-top styled gameplay with a strong ‘gamebook’ feel, there’s immense depth to satisfy the most ardent of fans, with a fresh and exciting twist to welcome newcomers. Here you’ll find our overview of the game. Microsoft store

Door in the Woods – Released

Door in the Woods

This game is a venture into an alternative timeline in which graphics and sensible game design were never invented. A turn-based ASCII roguelike with lots of Zombie, Vampires & aliens. Steam page

Archaelund – Coming to Steam


Explore a vast open-world and crawl through dungeons in first person, then fight tactical turn-based battles from a top-down perspective. Guide your adventuring party through Archaelund, mankind’s last frontier, and uncover its many secrets. Steam page

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics – Release date announced

The Dark Crystal

The turn-based strategy game taken from Netflix series, and inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics has a release date. It will come on the 4th of February 2020 through Steam.

Rui Castro Facebook group

TBG Facebook

One of the best sources of turn-based games news. Here’s the link

Turn-based Tactics Steam Group

Tbt logo

The steam group joined by all the turn-based games fans. Here’s their latest bulletin

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