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Best of the Week 4-10 November

Let’s see what happened this week in the turn-based world.

Unity of Command II – Released

Unity of Command II

The sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed strategy games of all time; a game critics called ‘the perfect gateway’ into computer war games. Built on a brand new bespoke 3D engine, the game retains Unity of Command’s signature art style and delivers highly polished fluid gameplay. Steam page

Troubleshooter – 10 Turn Interview with the developers


Andrea’s interview with Troubleshooter developer. A turn-based RPG with story-based play, strategic battle, a selection of classes and customizable character growth from a plentiful mastery and unique abilities. Read our interview

Albedon Wars – First Look at the Early Access version

An interesting turn-based RPG with card mechanics and the immersive enjoyment of a multiplayer game. Developed by Italian studio Firemill Games. You can get the early access version of the game through Steam.

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