Critter Crossfire: Turn-based First Person Shooter Announced

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Critter Crossfire Key Art

Solo developer Evan Polekoff’s passion project of 5 years in the making, Critter Crossfire, has finally been announced for PC and is set to release sometime in 2024. Combining turn-based tactical gameplay with first person shooters with an assortment of wacky items to use, along with multiplayer support, the game is guaranteed to be hours of fun with friends.

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A genre-breaking fusion of Turn-Based Tactics and First Person Shooting made by a solo developer. Position your units in a detailed 3D environment and skillfully aim your shots with physics-based weapons. Collect and combine items to build unique loadouts from over 50 wacky weapons and upgrades


  • Over 50 wacky items to master! Mix and match to build your most powerful loadout.
  • Unique map mechanics like moving conveyor belts and spinning obstacles to shoot through.
  • Challenging but fair CPU opponents that understand the physics of the game.
  • A “Highlights” feature to easily record gifs and share them with the community.
  • Steam Remote Play support to challenge your friends online.



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