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Kingsvein: Upcoming Subterranian Party-Based RPG Now Has A Release Date

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Kingsvein, Key Art

From the makers of the highly rated indie RPGs, Voidspire Tactics and Horizon’s Gate comes yet another 8-bit adventure. Developer Rad Codex finally unveils the release date of their latest party-based tactical RPG, Kingsvein.

Kingsvein is coming to Steam on January 16th, 2024

About Kingsvein

Kingsvein is a party-based tactical RPG with pixel art graphics. All contact with the city of Kingsvein has been lost. As Wisp Slayer, your role is to investigate and exterminate whatever evil lurks there. Explore and reclaim the infested castle-city, ride into its depths on your trusty wyvern, and lead your customizable party of Knights and Mystics in deep tactical combat.


  • Adventure through the castle and its outer reaches as you see fit – secret treasures and skulking beasts hide around every corner!
  • Dynamic and deep tactical combat – toss your enemies into spikes then electrify their blood, or cover the battlefield in flames
  • Customize your team by mixing and matching 15 different classes, each with upgradeable abilities and equippable passives
  • Use your abilities to explore – freeze rivers with your magic, blast through cave walls, and throw chains to topple statues
  • Ride your loyal steed in and out of combat, and train it to be as fierce as any Knight
  • Set in the realm of Graven, a weird subterranean world of living soil and half-stone Diecast
  • From the maker of the highly-rated Horizon’s GateVoidspire Tactics and Alvora Tactics



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