Cyberpunk Tactical RPG Rain Tactics Announcement

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Rain Tactics

Step into a world where divinity meets despair. In Rain Tactics, you’ll embody Winter, a god who, despite his invincibility, harbors a deep-seated desire to perish. Set against a cyberpunk backdrop, this RPG Tactics game seamlessly blends with roguelike elements, offering a unique gaming experience.

Rain Tactics New Tactical RPG

Journey through the towering metropolis of Shavanath, a place where every corner holds a secret and every shadow could be an ally or an enemy. As you navigate this intricate maze, you’ll lead your loyal avowed into strategic battles, making every decision count. But that’s not all; as a god, you have the power to influence Fate. Will you use it to protect your allies, or will you unleash your wrath upon those who stand in your way?

Developed and published by the talented team at Ervya Studios, Rain Tactics promises a blend of strategy, adventure, and the unexpected. With its impending release, it’s time to gear up and prepare to take control of your destiny.

Below is an overview of the game via Steam and the announcement Trailer


Play Winter, an invincible god who desperately wants to die, in this cyberpunk RPG Tactics with roguelike elements. Explore the tower city of Shavanath, Lead your Avowed into battle and Take control of your godly powers to change the course of Fate.

Explore the tower city of Shavanath

Explore the city-state of Shavanath where the Gate of Oblivion is heavily guarded by the Lady of the Dark’s minions. Ascend the tower, discover its cyberpunk neighborhoods and meet its denizens, whether allies or foes.

Lead your avowed into battle

Every attempt to reach the Gate of Oblivion and fulfill Winter’s wish to die, will be different. Carefully pick your team of Avowed, adapt their class and abilities depending on the situation and objective at hand, and lead them into challenging turn-based battles, in a system inspired by classic strategic RPGs.

Take Control over your Godly Powers

Some of the challenges you will be facing will just be too much for your Avowed. In that case, defend your allies thanks to Winter’s invincible shield, or unleash your icy wrath on your foes. But beware not to overspend yourself and lose control, or be ready to suffer the consequences… and start all over again !


  • Turn-based combat inspired by classics SRPG systems where every attack can be fatal to your avowed
  • Multi-class job system where every character can adopt a different job depending on the mission ahead
  • Rogue-like run generation that makes every ascension of the city of Shavanath unique
  • Deep lore and characters backstories which are unraveled with every run
  • Unique fighting system where you may choose between unleashing Winter’s godly powers and suffer the consequences, or risk your avowed life into battle


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