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Death Roads Tournament: Turn-based Car Battler 1.0 Available on PC

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Death Roads Tournament Key Art

Putting a new spin on the roguelite turn-based card battler formula, Death Roads: Tournament has finally left Early Access on November 15th, 2023 and a full release is available now for PC. Developed by The Knights of Unity, known for their other works such as Disco Elysium, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, and Cult of the Lamb, Death Roads puts you in a post apocalyptic America where your fate depends on how well you can rev those engines! Make use of the game’s tactical roguelite mechanics, upgrade and unlock new cars, and crush your opponents to reach the last safe haven in a broken United States of America.

Death Roads: Tournament is available now on Steam and GOG.

About Death Roads: Tournament

Prepare for a high-octane showdown in Death Roads: Tournament, where vehicular combat, strategic card-play, and turn-based thrills collide. Dive headfirst into a frenzied competition where your destiny hangs in the balance. To secure the ultimate prize, you must annihilate all opposition in your path. There’s no room for failure – it’s victory or a fresh start!

Every skirmish brings you closer to victory, but beware – Death Roads is a race where defeat lurks around every corner. If you falter, be prepared to restart your journey. Don’t fret, though, as your hard-earned unlocks remain in your arsenal!


  • Master turn-based battles with road events.
  • Unlock various cars and characters with special weapons.
  • Build card decks based on swapping around car parts.
  • Progress across a nonlinear world map.
  • Vibe with stylized graphics reflecting a thrilling race.



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