Deckbuilding Roguelite Three Kingdom: The Journey leaves early access this month

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Three Kingdoms The Journey

Indie developer Senmu Studio has announced that its fast-paced deck-building strategy roguelike Three Kingdom: The Journey will leave Early Access on April 18th. From that day, the game will be available on Steam for £10.29 / €10,79.

In Three Kingdom: The Journey, players face an armed uprising as the Han Dynasty army. With the Kingdom on the brink of disaster, players must lead the army in its hopeless last stand against the Yellow Turbans. The game offers a mix of deck-building and path-building roguelike elements, challenging players to collect new cards, customize their armies, take over territories, and defend their positions in a fast-paced strategic environment.

Three Kingdom: The Journey Gameplay

Players can choose a faction, its leading general, and equipment to prepare for battle against the troops of the Yellow Turbans and their clever generals. The game offers three factions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses and a variety of different types of units to build your army. Gain experience and money as you fight and use it wisely to level up your resources.

Choosing one city over another location has its pros and cons, as each territory will grant you different rewards and possibilities. Each playthrough is unique with random events and nine different kinds of territory. Players must also prepare for tough boss battles while protecting the Kingdom in fast-paced PvE card battles against regular armies.

Below an overview of the game via Steam


Three Kingdom: The Journey is a strategy card battler that mixes deck-building and path-building roguelike elements. Collect new cards, customize your army, take over territories, and defend your position in a fast-paced strategic experience that will put your tactical thinking to the test.

The Han Dynasty faces an armed uprising – and the situation couldn’t be direr. The Kingdom is on the verge of disaster, and you’re the only one who volunteers to lead the army in its hopeless last stand. You must be ready for the battle, for those who waver won’t stand a chance against the troops of the Yellow Turbans and their clever generals.

Adjust your strategy to succeed against different types of enemies and free the cities as you travel through the map. Sometimes, you’ll find help along the war – but never let your guard down, for treachery can be the undoing of the unwise, and you can’t be sure of who will be loyal and who will betray you when the cards are down…

Choose a faction, its leading general, and your equipment, and prepare to save the Kingdom – or die trying.


Craft a powerful deck

Choose between 3 factions, each with different strengths and weaknesses that will affect your strategy. Customize your deck by recruiting generals, armies, formations, and spells. Build your army with 3 different types of units with unique tactical roles:

  • Infantry: maximize your damage and destroy the enemy’s defense;
  • Cavalry: keep control over your deck and empower your general;
  • Ranged: attack more times in a row and inflict status effects on you and your opponents.

You’ll also gain experience and money as you advance. Use it wisely to level up your resources, recruit more members for your army and gain new tactics. If you’re lucky, it’s possible that you draw the attention of some legendary generals on the way!

Forge your own path with each step

Think carefully about your strategy and choose between different locations as your army advances on the map. Each territory will grant you different rewards and possibilities. You’ll gain city points as you take over new territories and use them to empower your deck.

The random events and the nine different kinds of territories that can be generated will make each playthrough unique.

Stop the uprising and protect the Kingdom

Engage in fast-paced and dynamic PvE card battles against regular enemies while you prepare for the tougher boss battles you’ll encounter along the way. Your next steps will be influenced by your movement and past decisions during events, making the whole experience focus more on your choices than on sheer luck.


  • 100+ cards.
  • 20+ pieces of equipment
  • 60+ kinds of enemies
  • 20+ events
  • 9 types of territories
  • Choose from 3 factions.


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