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Ataxia 4x

Imagine a city illuminated by relentless neon luminescence, a maze of wires running like arteries through the city’s heart, each beating to the rhythm of intangible hacking activities, bribery, and illicit exchanges. This is Technograd, the stage for Ataxia, a 4x turn-based strategy game unparalleled in its approach. Today, Camlann Games takes great pride in unveiling its first in-house title, immersing players into a cyberpunk world riddled with crime and primed for conquest.


In Ataxia, a player’s ambition ignites their journey through the twisted underbelly of Technograd. As the leader of one of six competing gangs – from the cybernetically-born criminals of Acore 1337 to the wealthy and formidable Sobeki Corp – a player’s task is to ascend the unforgiving hierarchy of this vast city.

However, rising through the ranks of a city drowning in corruption and violence is a daunting challenge. To triumph, players will need to adeptly command their gang, capitalizing on their unique attributes while maneuvering through a volatile cityscape of ever-changing loyalties and shadowy feuds. Brace for visceral street fights and high-stakes assassinations. Engage in covert espionage, arms trading, money laundering, or seize control through superior hacking. In Technograd, morality is a luxury. Do what’s necessary to stand above the rest.

Ataxia Gameplay


  • Do Whatever It Takes: Toss aside personal morals. In Technograd, power is the only currency. Whether it’s through covert actions, assassinations, money laundering, or hacking, players must carve their path to dominance.
  • Become One of Them: Embody a gang leader and seize control of one of six distinct factions, each flaunting their unique skills and global influence.
  • Stay Equipped: A player’s gang leader isn’t a mere symbol. Arm them with customizable weapons, armor, and cybernetic enhancements to amplify their potency and tip the balance of individual conflicts in their favor.
  • Own the Town: Stake a claim in Technograd. Capture or buy properties in pivotal sectors to gain tactical combat and economic benefits.
  • Hack the System: In this urban battleground, it’s hack or be hacked. Breach enemy fortifications and infiltrate their networks to secure a vital edge.

Mark the date, as Ataxia is slated to debut in late 2024 on PC via Steam. The game is a marquee presentation from the stables of Camlann Games, crafted by the all-Egyptian team at Osiris Interactive, beneficiaries of Camlann’s vertical slice development fund for indie teams.

For the freshest updates and announcements about Ataxia, follow them on Twitter and visit their official website. Prepare to take control of Technograd and etch your name in the gritty annals of Ataxia’s cyberpunk saga. Below an overview of the game Via Steam

Welcome to Technograd

Do whatever it takes to rule the city and dominate rival gangs:

  • Hits, extortion, money laundering, trafficking & more
  • Network hacking, infiltration and covert ops
  • Fight head on in direct combat

Play Any Of Five Rival Gangs

Each gang has its own strengths, weaknesses, specific special abilities and “Global Powers” to turn the tide of a campaign or single combat encounter:

Equip The Gang Leader With Mods, Implants & Stims

The gang leader is an extra powerful unit that can enter into combat alongside your army of thugs.
Give the leader and extra edge with customizable weapons and armor, cybernetic implants to improve stats and abilities, and performance-enhancing stims to help win individual battles.

Shape the City

Build or buyout buildings in sectors for combat or economic bonuses


  • Gritty 4X with a cyberpunk twist
  • Do whatever it takes to “Rule this cyberpunk city” – hits, espionage, extortion, hacking, money laundering, back alley fronts, drug trafficking, politics, arms dealing and more
  • Gangs (factions) with unique strengths and weaknesses to heighten meta game and replayability
  • Massive tech tree for tactical and strategic research progression
  • Customizable gang leaders – weapons, armor, drugs, cybernetic implants and more
  • Gang specific special abilities and “Global Powers” to turn the tide of a campaign or single combat encounter
  • Hack and infiltrate enemy cyber networks
  • Diplomacy, politics and police “heat” management


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