Long Time in The Making Tactical RPG Arcadian Atlas Finally Out Today

Written by Marcello TBL

Arcadian Atlas

After a never-ending development phase, tactical RPG enthusiasts can finally enter the kingdom of Arcadia in Arcadian Atlas. This Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired RPG will be finally available in early access today on Steam.

Arcadian Atlas

About Arcadian Atlas

Welcome to the sprawling kingdom of Arcadia, where the air buzzes with the tension of a raging civil war. Amidst this tumultuous landscape, a rogue magician and a princess, second in line to the throne, unite. These two extraordinary beings, burdened with the capacity to shape and shatter worlds, confront the specters of their pasts while forging their paths through the fiery present. With the resurgence of ancient, land-forged powers, the future of Arcadia hangs precariously in the balance.

As the fires of conflict rage, one’s strategic acumen becomes the lifeline of survival. One can muster an army, cherry-picking from 12 unique classes and engaging them in intensely strategic battles. Four predominant skill trees – the Cavalier, the Warmancer, the Ranger, and the Apothecary – provide a wealth of customization options.

  • The Cavalier class, unyielding soldiers armored in determination, can evolve into formidable Inquisitors, wielding Holy powers, or entrancing Ronins.
  • Warmancers, magicians who have tapped into the core elements of creation, can ascend to become the unpredictable Sorcerers or the trap-setting Druids.
  • The Rangers, who rule the battlefield from a distance, can hone their skills to become cunning Hunters or elusive Reavers.
  • The Apothecaries, part-mad scientists, part-healer, can transform into swift Monks, adept in martial arts and arcane energies, or Shamans, manipulators of the life-death cycle.
Arcadian Atlas Gameplay

Traverse the breath-taking expanse of Arcadia, navigating ancient ruins, snow-kissed mountains, lush forests, and coastal villages. Over 150 unique combat skills are at one’s disposal to shift the battle’s tide, deploying tactical traps, buffing soldiers with magic, and exposing enemies’ vulnerabilities. Arm the troops with formidable weapons and accessories and guide them through 25 distinctive skill trees.

Yet, in the heart of this raging war, there’s beauty to be savored. Immerse in Arcadia’s splendor, inspired by art nouveau aesthetics and enriched by a jazz-infused soundtrack. Experience the gripping narrative unfold, with the poignant tales of Vashti, Desmond, and the rest of Arcadia woven into over 70 unique campaign encounters. Below the Release date Trailer.


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