dotAGE: An Epic Turn-Based Roguelite Village Builder Releases on October

Written by Marcello TBL


Italian Indie game developer Michele Pirovano is proud to announce that dotAGE – a rich tapestry of turn-based survival, roguelite mechanics, and worker-placement city-building – is finally releasing on Steam. It is scheduled for October 4, 2023, and will be available for PC, macOS, and Linux.


A Tale of Survival and Strategy

In dotAGE, players step into the shoes of the prophetic elder of a remote village, battling against the looming Apocalypse. This isn’t your typical city builder. It intricately weaves in elements inspired by worker-placement board games. Players face the unique challenge of building their village, managing resources, and assigning tasks to villagers, aptly named Pips.

Every decision matters. Whether it’s growing crops, herding animals, crafting tools, upgrading infrastructures, training professionals, or even the somber task of burying the deceased – players must think ahead and strategize, as each turn brings challenges and rewards.

Nine Years in the Making: A True Labor of Love

dotAGE boasts of a vast world, with over 200 buildings, 70 resources, and a staggering 600 events, ensuring that no two gameplay experiences are alike. As players progress, they’ll unlock many new mechanics, diving deeper into the lore and stories of the village elders and uncovering the mysteries behind the Apocalypse.

What’s truly remarkable is that this game, which combines the complexity of village building with roguelite and worker-placement mechanics, is the brainchild of a solo developer. Michele Pirovano dedicated nine years, crafting dotAGE in his free time, proving his unwavering commitment to the gaming community.


Get Ready for a Groundbreaking Adventure

Gamers worldwide can now add dotAGE to their Steam Wishlist to receive notifications upon its release. Stay in the loop by following @dotagegame on Twitter or engage with the passionate “dotAGE” community on Discord.

Spotlight on Michele Pirovano

An avant-garde indie game developer hailing from Italy, Michele Pirovano stands out with his unique approach to game development. He consistently ventures where few have dared, merging diverse game genres and curating a blend that offers players an experience that’s both familiar and refreshingly new. With “dotAGE,” Pirovano once again reaffirms his position as a visionary in the world of indie gaming.


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