Finally, we have a DISCORD server

Written by Marcello TBL

Discord Server

In these 2 years the blog has evolved and has expanded a lot. We have created several sections, along with the written articles we have added the video contributions, in short, we have always tried to satisfy and sometimes anticipate the needs of those who read us.
Today, however, what I most want to do is strengthen the community that has been created around the blog, starting with listening to it more.

To achieve this I decided to activate the discord server that will be – hopefully! – a reference for anyone who wants to get in touch with us and wants to actively participate to the growth of the blog, with suggestions, requests, and much more.

I don’t have a great technical knowledge of Discord but I will learn it thanks also to those who are already expert users of this social channel.

Inside the server there will be several rooms that we are trying to organize in the best way to facilitate the involvement of both the public and the developers.

Have you played a game that has impressed you a lot and want to discuss it with us and the other players? Are you looking for advice or do you want to recommend a particular game? Are you an indie developer, and want to share news about your project? Do you want to contribute to the contents of our blog and youtube channel? then the discord channel will be the best place to do it.

access our Discord channel


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