From MARVEL SNAP Publisher comes Dragonheir: Silent Gods

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Dragonheir Silent Gods

Nuverse, the publisher behind the award-winning mobile game, MARVEL SNAP is back with their latest project, Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Developed by SGRA Studio, this online fantasy multiplayer RPG takes players on an epic adventure through the magical land of Adenthia, where they must assemble a team of heroes and battle against the darkness that plagues the land.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

With four character classes to choose from and over 200 heroes to recruit, players can customize their party and take on challenges together in cooperative PvE mode. The game features a unique blend of turn-based combat and strategy, where players must consider character placement and terrain advantages to emerge victorious. Get ready to explore a rich and enchanting world filled with adventure, puzzles, and epic battles in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods will be launched during the second half of 2023 on PC via Steam and Mobile but in the meanwhile you can pre-register now on the official website. Below an overview of the game and the official announcement trailer

Before the world can end its crusade against the evil Dragon God, arrogance has brought immense loss and taken away this warrior, whose soul is now forever trapped in chaos…

How did he wind up stranded in the black mist? The Chaos Universum brims with confusion and uncertainty…

Situated at the limits of the Palace Entropica, it is the only passage from Chaos Universum to the Main Material Plane. Its existence is little known, and only a select few can see the hidden gate of the Palace Entropica at certain hours of the day. If you see the gate, please remember this: Face the Palace head-on, devote yourself to the truth, and you will gain the power to travel across planes.

Explore, fight and tell your own story
Dragonheir features non-linear missions and side-quests and allows you to explore many biomes however you would like. You will become the chosen one and will embark on a journey to save a world that was nearly destroyed during a battle of the gods. Then, tell your own story.

Build strong teams to defeat adversaries
Dragonheir features innovative semi-real-time combat that will reward those who enter each battle with a strategy and the knowledge of all the tools, spells, heroes, weapons, and more in their arsenal. Much like chess, positioning is key and the way heroes are placed can be the difference between victory and defeat. When in battle, the choice will be yours as to when you should attack or defend, push forward or retreat.

Collect heroes from all over the planes
You won’t have to solve all the world’s problems alone. Dragonheir is set to feature over 200 different heroes with over one million options for how to build them. As for who these heroes are, the world is filled with Iskallan Dwarves, Death Knight, Orcs, Plain Humans, Dark Elves, Sorcerers, Knights, Undead, and many more.

Experience massively rich story campaign
Dragonheir: Silent Gods is all about player freedom and giving adventurers that journey to Adenthia that chance to forge you own story as they see fit. You can journey freely from ice fields to underground caverns to forests, plains, and more to experience unique puzzle-solving gameplay and a thrilling and captivating branching story that will play out like a movie.

Enjoy limitless character customization
Dragonheir: Silent Gods allow you to create your own characters. You can travel various planes to collect, to build, to battle with a character you customized. Whether it’s altering the character’s eye or hair color, giving them a mask, or changing their races, all of this can easily be done from the Character Creation part. Therefore, all features you design for your character will affect your story later.

Roll a dice to choose your path
Dice-rolling mechanic that determines how your experience will go. From skills used in combat to branching storylines, the roll of the dice 20 ensures that each adventure is unpredictable. The dice will determine if you can steal, trade, fight, persuade.The choices are yours, but the rolls will decide your fate.


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