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Front Mission 2: Remake has a Release Date on Switch

Written by Marcello TBL

Front Mission 2

Publisher Forever Entertainment and the Storm Trident team have announced the release date for Front Mission 2: Remake on the Nintendo Switch. This continues the operation to revive the historic sci-fi strategy game series on Nintendo’s console, with the second chapter arriving on June 12th, 2023.

Front Mission 2 Remake will arrive on Nintendo Console, offering an adapted and evolved version of the original game on the new platform.

The story is set 12 years after the Second Huffman Conflict, with the Republic of Alordesh experiencing a drastic economic decline after the war’s end. In June 2102, the army of that region rebels and declares independence from the Oceania Cooperative Union (O.C.U.).

Ash, an O.C.U. soldier, is the protagonist of the story and finds himself involved in political struggles between the regular army and the revolutionary army, within a complex and plot-twisting storyline. The rest of the game is a faithful re-proposition of the turn-based strategy game with combat mechs that thrilled players at the time of its release on SNES.

With the remake, the resolution has been increased and the graphics have been generally improved, loading times reduced, support for other languages added, a free camera with zoom capabilities has been included, new graphic effects have been added, and the soundtrack has been improved.

Expected on June 12th, 2023 on the Nintendo Switch, at a price of €34.99.


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