Geneforge 2: Infestation – a remastered edition of the cult-classic RPG – is heading to Kickstarter this February

Written by Marcello TBL

Geneforge 2 Infestation

Spiderweb Software is excited to announce the launch of the Geneforge 2: Infestation Kickstarter campaign on February 8th, with a goal of $30,000. The game will feature improved visuals, a new melee and missile system, and new content such as characters, storylines, and abilities. Stretch goals include funding for new missions and monsters.

The game’s original creator, Jeff Vogel, will be the primary developer, working alongside freelancers to bring his vision to life. This is the second Kickstarter for Spiderweb Software in the Geneforge series, following the successful funding of Geneforge 1: Mutagen in early 2020.

The studio aims to create a fresh experience for both existing and new fans while keeping what made the series popular. The game will offer an open-world RPG experience with endless ways to triumph through battle, diplomacy, or trickery. Backers will also have the opportunity to participate in the development of the game, including creating a powerful new monster to fight alongside the player.


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