Grand Strategy-Tactical RPG Monstrous Realms Announcement – Screens, Trailer, and Release Date

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A brand-new strategy game was just announced by indie dev Lockbow Games called Monstrous Realms. The game puts players in control of a Kingdom and everything related to it. Diplomacy, research, exploration, build are some of the tasks the players are called to. A strong grand strategy component but also detailed RPG mechanics like tactical battles, heroes with different classes to unlock, dungeons to explore, and more.

Monstrous Realms is a PC game planned to be released in late 2023/early 2024 via Steam. Below is an overview of the game, screens, and the announcement trailer.


Monstrous Realms is a Grand Strategy-Tactical RPG Hybrid in a medieval fantasy world. Govern a kingdom, controlling heroes and monsters to conquer the continent. Victory is grasped through warfare, research, city development, diplomacy, trade, dungeon delving, item crafting, and unit customization.

Promote and customize your heroes through branching classes/jobs, while evolving your monsters to unlock their true potential.

Game Modes:

The Grand Strategy Mode allows the creation of endless procedural worlds to explore and conquer.

The Campaign Mode is a handcrafted world with a rich story about power, control, and the lengths the powerful will go to maintain their dominance.

Game Features

Realtime With Pause Grand Strategy Layer

  • Take control of a nation and build armies of monsters, conquer and upgrade cities, research new technologies, build powerful weapons, and delve into dungeons for lost treasure

Turn-Based Tactical RPG

  • Master unique, strategic abilities that change the flow of battle to gain the upper hand
  • A focus on quick, streamlined battles so the player can act as fast as they desire, or take as much time as they want

Deep Customization of Your Armies

  • Heroes can be revived; defeated monsters face permanent death
  • Choose your character’s promotion path. Will your knight temporarily become a Mage to learn black magic and become a Dark Knight, or will they take the path of light and become a Holy Knight seeking to protect others?
  • Customize your heroes and monsters in a variety of ways with both structured and randomized upgrade options and equipment

4X elements

  • Research new technology
  • Build your cities and armies to grow your kingdom
  • Make alliances through Diplomacy
  • Engage in warfare to conquer neighbors
  • Explore mysterious dungeons in search of powerful artifacts


Reaching back centuries, among each generation of humankind, an elite group is born from their ranks: the Ascendents, those who wield great power, can be brought back from death and can control armies of monsters. Ascendants govern nations. With the power to control monsters, their might overtakes armies. This power is known as Dominion.
After a weapon that can kill “immortals” is unleashed, war erupts across the land. Ascendants control monsters as disposable tools, forcing them into the jaws of human conflict.

War, kidnapping, torture, murder. To what lengths will Ascendents go to preserve their “immortality?” In the chaos of war, who will become the real monster?

  • Research new technology
  • Build your cities and armies to grow your kingdom
  • Make alliances through Diplomacy or engage in warfare to conquer
  • Explore mysterious dungeons in search of powerful artifacts


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