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Graywalkers: Purgatory – Major content update

Written by Marcello TBL

Graywalkers Purgatory Announcement

Indie game developer Dreamlords Digital is proud to announce a major content update to Graywalkers: Purgatory, their popular turn-based strategy RPG set in a supernatural post-apocalyptic world where Heaven and Hell merges with Earth. Originally a successful crowdfunding campaign, Graywalkers: Purgatory entered Early Access via STEAM™ in January and now a major update adds cool new content, additional features, and a host of fixes and changes to an already fantastic game.

Currently available on PC and Linux (Mac version in October), Graywalkers: Purgatory takes inspiration from classic franchises such as the XCom®, Jagged Alliance® and Fallout® series to create a unique and ambitious turn-based single-player tactical game; your task is to assemble 40+ righteous heroes on a quest to unite Purgatory to lead a fight to reclaim the world from supernatural invaders that have taken over your world. The official release will include a major single-player campaign and the current Early Access build includes Mission Mode and Preludes Mode: in the former you manage your band of Graywalkers and go through a set of instant action battles, and in the latter you explore a series of short campaign, each focusing on a particular character within the world.
Graywalkers: Purgatory is constantly being improved and the first major content update is now ready to play: with new weapons to try, more missions to play, additional preludes, detailed Lore, more Graywalkers, new enemies to fight, further locations to explore and additional items and improved abilities, the new update is a major improvement to the game and addresses a lot of player feedback and requests as well. Existing players will be excited about the added features and new players will be impressed by the depth and feature-rich gameplay.

  • Action Unit Turn-Based Combat
  • 40+ Recruitable Heroes & Characters
  • 3 Modes Of Play: Mission, Prelude & Campaign
  • Unique RPG Gameplay
  • Challenging Missions
  • 7 Races & 10 Character Paths
  • 100+ Abilities
  • Dozens Of Foes & Hundreds Of Items

Graywalkers: Purgatory is available from here:
And don’t forget to check out the games official press-kit:

Journalists interested in further information, additional assets or a STEAM™ key for review may contact indie PR-specialist Hans Olsen by sending an email to [email protected]. Members of the press are encouraged to check out the following Hotlinks for recent news and updates.

Developer Website
Game Website
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