Yogscast Games has announced the upcoming release of Hexarchy, a fast-paced strategy game that combines the best elements from deckbuilders, 4X strategy, and hex-based board games to create a truly unique experience. Set to launch on PC via Steam in 2023, Hexarchy challenges players to build a deck capable of founding civilizations which can develop economies, research new technologies and conquer all before them.

With gameplay that balances the weighty decisions of a 4X game with the action-packed thrills of a fast-paced strategy title, Hexarchy offers players an engaging and deep strategy experience that is easy to learn. The game features 10 civilizations, each with unique abilities, and a procedurally-generated world.

Players can research technologies, adopt civics and adapt their tactics to overcome their enemies. Simon Byron, Director of Publishing at Yogscast Games, praised Hexarchy for its innovative combination of 4X strategy with deckbuilding, stating that the game will be deeply strategic yet easy to pick up and play. Gamers can get a sneak peek of Hexarchy by downloading the Steam Playtest today and engaging in epic multiplayer battles with friends and foes.


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