Prehistoric 4x Game Folk Emerging Announced

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Folk Emerging

Exciting news for gamers and history enthusiasts! Curious Dynamics has announced its first title, Folk Emerging, a prehistoric turn-based 4X strategy game set to release on Windows PC via Steam in 2024. The game takes players on a journey through the Stone Age, as they lead nomadic families through the wilderness while facing ecological challenges, scarce resources, and tactical combat.

Folk Emerging is a deeply simulated game that explores ecology, paleolithic societies, and the origins of culture. The game allows players to manage relationships between individuals, families, and tribes, and watch their collective adapt over countless generations. Every decision made by the player affects the tribe’s survival, and each fallen warrior carries with them the wisdom passed down through generations.

The game offers a unique experience of prehistoric life, enabling players to discover fire, medicine, language, and the art of survival. The announcement trailer shared by Curious Dynamics promises a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience that transports players back in time to the Stone Age.

Folk Emerging is set to release in 2024 on Steam for Windows PC. Below the announcement trailer.


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