Indie RPG 8-Bit Adventures 2 is Making the Leap to All Major Console Platforms!

Written by Marcello TBL

8-bit Adventures 2 Overview

Australian indie developer Critical Games is excited to announce that our upcoming RPG 8-Bit Adventures 2 will be launching on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®5 (PS5™), PlayStation®4 (PS4™), Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One consoles – simultaneously alongside Steam and GOG releases for PC. The console versions will be ported by the talented Ratalaika Games.

“After our game was showcased at gamescom 2020, we received a tremendous number of requests to bring 8-Bit Adventures 2 to consoles. It’s added a lot of extra work to a project that’s already been in development for over 5 years, but my goal is to make sure that everyone can enjoy this classic JRPG adventure – no matter where they prefer to play,” said lead developer Josh Hallaran.

“While the game’s been entirely self-funded, it was fan support that has ultimately allowed us to take this project further than I ever imagined. I’m genuinely thrilled to be bringing 8-Bit Adventures 2 to every major console platform, and I sincerely hope that the Nintendo, PlayStation®, and Xbox communities will enjoy discovering the grand, character-driven story, dynamic turn-based battles, and ‘familiar yet fresh’ experience that awaits them in this epic new adventure.”

8-Bit Adventures 2 is everything you love about NES, SNES and PS1-era JRPGs – with all of the charm, heart and soul, but none of the inconvenience.

That means an earnest, engaging storyline; relatable, easy-to-love characters; strategic turn-based battles; deep party customisation; bizarre monsters; an unforgettable soundtrack; and a large, fantastical world, traversed by Airship, and filled with people full of personality – all brought to life by vibrant 8-Bit inspired visuals. While it may be a sequel, anyone can jump into this brand new JRPG adventure! And a free Demo is available right now on Steam.

• Enjoy a feel-good adventure filled with love, laughs, and drama, which deals with the dark stuff but always wants to leave you feeling uplifted over its 25+ hour playtime.

• Explore a turn-based JRPG battle system with depth and strategy, inspired by games like Final Fantasy X, Chrono Trigger, and Mother 3.

• Meet a loveable cast of seven playable characters who form relationships, make mistakes, and struggle with their past, but still work to save the world and overcome their demons.

• Experience constant variety – everything from exploring ancient ruins to solving a robot murder mystery – realised through charming pixel art which walks the line between authenticity and aesthetic. • Save the world from a vengeful Glitch! A mistreated child with terrifying powers threatens to reshape the world in his own chaotic image. A unique and persistent foe from beginning to end, the Glitch changes and develops over the course of the story like any other character, grappling with what he is…and what he could be.


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