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Italian Tactical Up-to 8 Players Wardudes Soon on PC

Written by Marcello TBL

Wardudes Pc Game

Italian developer Ambitious Games announced its tactical strategy wargame Wardudes. Inspired by PS1 classic like Worms and Hogs of War, it offers local multiplayer battles for up to 8 players inside low-poly destructible 3d maps. Wardudes is ready to use all its gunpowder when it launches in early access on PC via Steam the 23rd of December, 2022. Overview via Steam, screens and announcement trailer below. While here the developer Discord server.

Join the ranks of the Wardudes, and embark on a violent battle between a bunch of goofy dudes that are completely unaware of how and why they ended up blowing up eachother!

Shoot first, ask questions later!
(you probably wont find any answer)

Take on up to seven opponents in hilarious turn-based tactical fights with up to five soldiers each, in local multiplayer with support for Steam Remote Play Together.
Fight your way to glory on completely destroyable maps. Blow your enemy up with powerful explosives, or hit them with with you bare hands if you feel more like it! Place structures to help your dudes move across the mauled battlefield, and traps for your enemy to fall into as soon as they take one false step.

Choose what flag to fight for among eight available countries. Build the team that best suits your play style by selecting your Dudes between five different classes, each one with different equipment and personality. Personalize the name of your team and of each member. Enjoy the details and hilarious voice-overs of each of the 40 different

Turn based combat for up to 8 players
Fill the battlefield with up to 8 different teams, each team composed by up to 4 soldiers, each soldier being of one between 5 different classes.

Wide variety of weapons and items
The broad and diverse selection of weapons and items you can use and interact with are the perfect tool to explore new and creative ways to damage the enemy team.

Totally destructible world
Observe the terrain transform into a piece of swiss cheese as the explosive fight goes on. Dig underground tunnels to reach the enemy from unexpected angles.

Funny voice-overs
Each one of the 40 different characters in Wardudes has his own personality, as you’ll learn by hearing what they have to say in different situations.

Colorful low-poly graphics
The vibrant art style and goofy physichs, in contrast with the burlesque humor of the Dudes and the copious amount of blood, creates the perfect setting for countless hilarious situations.


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