Jagged Alliance 3 Console Edition: Pre-Order Today and Dive into Tactical Brilliance This November!

Written by Marcello TBL

Jagged Alliance 3

The much-celebrated turn-based strategy game, Jagged Alliance 3 is set to make its grand debut on PlayStation and Xbox this November. And here’s the cherry on top: a whopping 20% discount awaits those who pre-order, along with an exclusive early access perk, letting you dive into the action 48 hours before the official release.

Why Jagged Alliance 3 is a Must-Have for Console Gamers:

  1. Cross-Gen Multiplayer: Play seamlessly across console generations. Whether you’re on PlayStation 4 or 5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X, team up and dive into strategic warfare.
  2. Exclusive Pre-Order Perks: Not only do you get a 20% discount, but you also gain a 48-hour head start before the official release.
  3. Engaging Gameplay: Lead your mercenaries to victory, strategize, and reclaim the nation of Grand Chien.

Release Date & Pricing: Mark your calendars for November 16th, with a retail price of $59.99 / €59.99 / £49.99.

Jagged Alliance 3

Pre-Order Links:

Announcement Trailer: Get a taste of the action with the Console Announcement Trailer.

Limited Tactical Box Edition:

For the true Jagged Alliance aficionado, the Jagged Alliance Tactical Edition is a treasure trove. Limited to just 550 pieces, this edition boasts a robust waterproof case, a tactical belt with pouch, an A.I.M. pin, and a set of 36 character cards. Dive deeper into the game’s universe with this collector’s item. Note: This edition does not include the game.

Tactical Box Trailer: Get a closer look here.

PC Version Highlights:

  • Acclaimed Gameplay: See what the press is raving about in the accolades trailer.
  • Demo Available: Explore Ernie Island, the game’s starting region, with a free playable demo on Steam.
  • Order Links:
  • Explore the World of Mercs: Dive into the universe of Jagged Alliance on the official website.

Modding Community: Enhance your gameplay with mods crafted by the talented community. Check out the latest additions here.

Stay Connected: Join the conversation and stay updated on the latest news:

About Jagged Alliance 3:

Set in the politically charged nation of Grand Chien, Jagged Alliance 3 thrusts players into a world of chaos, politics, and tactical warfare. The elected president has vanished, and the paramilitary force “The Legion” has taken over. Assemble a team of skilled mercenaries, explore Grand Chien, and decide the nation’s fate in this immersive turn-based strategy game.

Key Features:

  • Tactical turn-based combat
  • A vast array of unique mercenaries
  • Open RPG structure with decision-making consequences
  • Online co-op mode for shared campaign experiences


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