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Wargroove 2: Command the Battlefield on PC and Nintendo Switch This October

Written by Marcello TBL

Wargroove 2

The sequel to the award-winning Strategy Game is ready to launch real soon.

Chucklefish and Robotality have just dropped a bombshell during the September Nintendo Direct. Their highly anticipated sequel, Wargroove 2, is set to make its grand entrance on PC and Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2023. And if you’re quick on the draw, you can snag a pre-order today with a tempting 20% discount on Steam and Nintendo Europe and America eShops.

Wargroove Switch

New Factions, New Adventures

But that’s not all the news we have for you. Today also marked the unveiling of the latest faction to join the Wargroove universe: The Faahri Republic. This nation, inhabited by the inquisitive mouse-folk, has set foot in Aurania on a scholarly quest.

While they might be novices in the art of war, their prowess in academic theory is unparalleled. With the power of enigmatic crystal technology, Commanders Lytra, Pistil, and Rhomb are on a mission to gather knowledge for their enigmatic sponsors.

Dive Deeper into the World of Wargroove 2

Aurania is once again under threat. A new faction with grand ambitions has discovered forbidden relics with the potential to wreak havoc. The question remains: to what lengths will they go for supremacy? As you step onto the battlefield, you’ll be joined by a fresh roster of Commanders, ready to engage in cerebral, turn-based combat.

Wargroove 2 Gameplay

Wargroove 2 Key Features

Whether you’re a seasoned Wargroove veteran or a newcomer to the series, this sequel promises an exhilarating adventure:

  • Engage with new Commanders and discover mysterious factions.
  • Boost your Commander’s abilities with the revamped Groove system.
  • Navigate through three intertwined Campaign arcs, culminating in an intense showdown.
  • Team up or face off against friends in Co-Op & Multiplayer modes, both locally and online, accommodating up to four players.
  • Challenge yourself in the new roguelike mode, Conquest.
  • Master five novel unit types and enhance regular units with special items.
  • Experience battles in a new light with the night mode.
  • Unleash your creativity with enhanced map, campaign, and cutscene editors.
  • Immerse yourself in the enthralling melodies of composer Dale North.

And for those keen on the specifics, Wargroove 2 will be available for $19.99 / £16.75 / €19.49. Below the trailer.


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