Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News And Releases – 4 May 2024

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Weekly RPG News And releases 4 May 2024

The usual look at what’s happened this week in the world of RPGs and Strategy Games.

We’ve entered the month of May, which looks to be packed with exciting new releases (I posted an article about it yesterday). But as you probably know, the weekly RPG news looks back at what happened over the course of the week. So without further ado, here are all the news, releases, and announcements from the week.

Medieval JRPG Debut On Kickstarter

We open this Weekly RPG News with the Kickstarter debut of an inspired indie JRPG developed by Jarnell Marasigan called Crown Code Chronicles., which is under development for PC. The crowdfunding effort aims to support the game’s completion. Crown Code Chronicles is set in a medieval backdrop where the narrative unfolds with the dying prince Vareus bequeathing a critical mission and a time-travel artifact to a mysterious time traveler.

Crown Code Chronicles RPG

The game is described as a story-driven JRPG-style adventure that eschews random enemy encounters in favor of turn-based battles. Players are tasked with navigating through various historical periods to fulfill the prince’s last wish. This gameplay structure promises a blend of strategic combat and compelling storytelling, set across different eras.

Announcement Trailer For Cyberpunk JRPG

I don’t want to come off as a know-it-all, but I was pretty familiar with this project even before the new trailer dropped. At least now, there’s a launch window, too.

During the ID@Xbox Digital Showcase, Moonana Games (famous for some other cool JRPGs like Virgo Versus The Zodiac and Osteoblast) and Serenity Forge announced their upcoming game, Keylocker, a turn-based rhythm JRPG set to launch in late summer 2024 on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Keylocker merges the thrill of rhythm games with the depth of JRPGs, taking players on a journey through a dystopian world where music is outlawed. The game features BOBO, a courageous singer and songwriter, who uses the transformative power of music to challenge a tyrannical regime in the metropolis of Saturn.

Keylocker draws inspiration from classic RPGs like Mario & Luigi and Chrono Trigger, blending humor, detailed storytelling, and challenging mechanics. The game promises a rich narrative set against the backdrop of a city ripe for revolution. Players will engage in dynamic rhythm-based combat, explore vivid environments, and interact with diverse characters to influence the game’s outcome.

A 2.5 RPG That Mixes Different Genre Announced

Just get those pixels moving to catch my attention…United Label recently unveiled Beyond Galaxyland, a 2.5D adventure RPG that is set to launch later this year on multiple platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S|X, PS4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. Developed by Sam Wright, the game draws inspiration from classic sci-fi films and promises to offer players a unique blend of classic platforming, puzzle-solving, and an engaging active turn-based combat system.

Beyond Galaxyland will take players on a journey across various exotic locales such as teeming jungles, neon-lit cities, and cybernetic casinos, featuring epic boss battles against some of the Universe’s most formidable foes.

Beyond Galaxy Land

The storyline centers around Doug, a high schooler who, moments before Earth’s destruction by a celestial entity known as ‘The End’, finds himself transported to Galaxyland—a seemingly idyllic system of planets. Alongside his gun-toting pet guinea pig Boom Boom, a sentient robot called MartyBot, and a quirky band of companions, Doug must unravel the mysteries of Galaxyland and seek a way to avert the apocalypse of his home planet.

Creator Sam Wright cites influences from beloved mid to late-1990s turn-based RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII, aiming to deliver a cinematic experience within a familiar gameplay framework.

Dark Horror Roguelite Available Now

Nodbrim Interactive and Crytivo have released The Foretold: Westmark Legacy, a gothic horror adventure card game that became available on April 30, 2024. The game merges eerie storytelling with strategic gameplay, where players assume the role of Herbert Westmark, a paranormal investigator exploring the mysterious disappearances in the town of Burrmouth. Alongside a demon named Ambrose, players navigate a map filled with hidden dangers, using cards, items, and relics to survive the shadowy threats.

The Foretold Westmark Legacy

Set in a visually captivating hand-drawn world, The Foretold: Westmark Legacy offers a deep narrative inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Mary Shelley. The gameplay features a unique deck-building mechanic intertwined with puzzle elements that challenge players to think strategically.

Players will encounter branching paths loaded with random loot and unforeseen encounters, enhancing the replayability. With fully voiced dialogues, multiple endings, and tabletop-style skill checks, the game promises a comprehensive and immersive experience of cosmic horror.

Front Mission 2 Remake Now Available on Pc & Consoles

FRONT MISSION 2: Remake is now available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, offering the chance to dive into a revamped version of the classic tactical RPG. This release marks the first time the game is accessible outside of Japan, featuring enhanced graphics, reorchestrated music, and gameplay improvements designed for a modern audience. These enhancements include faster loading times and more dynamic animations, ensuring the game meets contemporary standards.

Front Mission 2 Remake

The remake enriches the original experience with additional content such as a free camera option, which allows players to hover over the battlefield for a superior tactical overview. Players can also utilize two newly introduced Wanzers, the Uisk and Igel Eins H, and a fresh set of Jaboa parts. The game further spices up combat with two exclusive weapons, the Storm Trident and Heavy Trident, along with new camouflage options for further customization of Wanzers.

Additional features of the remake include strategic turn-based combat, extensive Wanzer customization, modernized battle scenes, improved in-game effects, and a renewed soundtrack. After completing the game, players can engage in a New Game+ mode, retaining their weapons, parts, and progress to experience the adventure anew. The game also supports nine languages, broadening its accessibility to a global audience.

New DLC For XCOM-Like World War Strategy Game

Absolutely Games, in collaboration with Team17 Digital, has released the second DLC pack for their World War II strategy game, Classified: France ’44, titled the Agent Pack. This new downloadable content is now available for PC, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X|S. The Agent Pack equips players with an array of tools for deepening their involvement in covert operations, introducing a new Special Ops map called ‘Radar’, along with two new Special Ops missions titled Over Hill Under Hill and Make Every Kill Count. Additionally, the DLC includes a new weapon, the Winchester 1912, its variant the Beretta ‘Compact’, and a new clothing set designed for a Female Resistance ‘Agent’.

Classified France '44 Gameplay

Classified: France ’44 offers a unique twist on turn-based tactics, focusing on the historic role of the Jedburghs—teams of Allied special forces operatives parachuted into Nazi-occupied France. These forces collaborated with the French Resistance to disrupt German operations in anticipation of D-Day. The game is celebrated for its authentic portrayal of WWII tactics and the strategic depth it provides through features like a unique morale system that affects enemy forces, tactical stealth options for setting up ambushes, and a historically grounded narrative.

The DLC is part of a season pass available for £19.99/$19.99/€19.99, which covers all four planned DLC packs. Individual packs, including this latest release, can be purchased separately for £5.99/$5.99/€5.99 each. Key gameplay features include a dynamic morale system, tactical stealth actions, and a replayable campaign with 15 different outcomes.

Turn-Based MMORPG Broken Ranks Introduces Legendary Weapons

For many, and I must confess, for me, too, who haven’t had the chance to try this interesting online RPG, it’s been somewhat off the radar. However, the title continues to improve and introduce new features; in fact, in May, the Polish MMORPG Broken Ranks, developed by Whitemoon Games, is set to bring legendary transformations to its weaponry system, as well as a host of player-centric events.

Following a series of updates based on community feedback that began in March, the developers have now introduced a highly anticipated feature allowing players to upgrade their epic weapons to legendary status. This update adds both aesthetic enhancements and functional upgrades to the weapons, including new visual effects and improved attributes.

Broken Ranks Introduces Legendary Weapons

Players possessing epic weapons can now undertake a journey to the Forge of Fate, a new area within the game, where they can fulfill specific challenging requirements to elevate their weapons to legendary. These legendary weapons not only feature a new look but also come with enhanced parameters and the novel capability of adding an extra action circle, expanding strategic options during combat. This addition deviates from the standard limitation of five actions per turn, providing a significant tactical advantage.

Whitemoon Games has detailed the updates extensively on their website, where they have also published the backstory of these epic weapons and short videos showcasing the legendary weapons’ upgraded visuals. Additionally, the studio has outlined an event schedule for May aimed at enticing both returning and active players. These events offer substantial rewards such as increased experience for characters, pets, and special gear, making it an opportune time for players to re-engage with the game.

Turn-Based Roguelite Revelatio Unveiled

Guild Studio, led by CEO Kim Taeyoon, is set to unveil Revelatio, a dark fantasy game, at the 2024 PlayX4 B2B event. Revelatio distinguishes itself with innovative gameplay mechanics that increase player interaction, notably allowing control over enemy units and NPCs. This system, called the Corruption System, lets players corrupt these characters through combat and dialogue, turning them into allies consumed by darkness.

Revelatio RPG Roguelite

The game incorporates various elements that add depth to its gameplay, including a unique battle system that plays out on a 3 x 6 tile grid and a narrative centered around the Black Prophet. Players engage in strategic turn-based combat, using various skills and tactics to defeat enemies or corrupt them to their side. It’s a very interesting title that you can already try with a demo available on Steam.

New Tactical Roguelite Dungeon-Crawler Announced

Predict Edumedia, an independent developer based in Arad, Romania, has announced the launch of their new game, Arhaekon, set to release on Steam Early Access in the second quarter of 2024. Arhaekon is a tactical turn-based roguelite dungeon-crawler that plunges players into the dark, twilight world of a devastated civilization.

The game’s narrative revolves around the eternal conflict between two god-like entities: the Arhaekons, who are committed to preventing humanity’s extinction, and the Prospherisors, who aim to eradicate humanity. Amidst this cosmic battle, players awaken as an Arhaekon from a tomb, tasked with salvaging what remains of humankind.

Arhaekon Roguelite Announced

Arhaekon merges the aesthetics of Warhammer 40k with gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Path of Exile, Darkest Dungeon, and Disciples 2. Players will explore 14 procedurally generated dungeons across different regions, battling enemies in tactical turn-based combat. It features 12 units divided into four classes, each with unique abilities that evolve through experience and progression tiers.

The game’s complex system includes permanent unit deaths, a Corruption System that affects unit health, and strategic camp and party management. Equipment and loot systems are designed to discourage hoarding, emphasizing strategic resource management. Additionally, the game introduces a crafting system, a non-linear game progression model, and collectible lore that enhances the gameplay experience.

New Collectible Card Game Announced

Comico Games has announced the upcoming release of ScreenPlay CCG, a digital collectible card game that is set to launch on May 13, 2024, on Steam in Early Access. The game is set in a unique, comedy-driven movie-making universe where players use characters and tropes from various film genres to craft their own movies and battle against other directors. Unlike traditional CCGs, ScreenPlay allows for victory through multiple strategic paths, including non-combative ones, emphasizing strategy and prediction over direct conflict.

Screenplay CCG

ScreenPlay CCG promises an innovative approach to gameplay, inspired by VS fighting game mechanics and offering simultaneous turn execution, which eliminates downtime and accelerates the pace of play. Players can choose from over 22 different lead characters, each with unique abilities and thematic cards, to assemble their 40-card decks.

The game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes, with single-player challenges against AI and multiplayer rankings through online PvP. Players can earn cards through gameplay or purchase them directly, and with plans to continuously expand the game with new cards and features every three months, ScreenPlay aims to keep the gameplay experience fresh and engaging.

Tactical 2D Shooter Introduces Classes In New Trailer

SteamWorld Heist II, the eagerly awaited sequel to the acclaimed 2D turn-based tactics shooter, is set to release on August 8, 2024. This latest installment from Image & Form will be available across multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The new feature trailer showcases the game’s expansive oceanic setting known as the Great Sea, inviting players to embark on a grand adventure with Captain Leeway and his diverse crew of Steambots.

The game enhances its strategic gameplay by introducing a job system that allows players to customize their crew members with specific roles such as snipers, flankers, engineers, and reapers, each bringing unique abilities and weapons to the gameplay. These roles facilitate varied play styles and strategic depth, with mechanics like bullet ricochet adding layers to combat tactics.

Players will navigate through treacherous waters, face formidable foes like the Royal Navy and the bone-obsessed Rattlers cult, and utilize their crew’s skills to overcome challenges and uncover the mysterious threats looming over the Great Sea.

That wraps up this week’s Weekly Recap. Just a reminder that I’m back on Twitch, and the next live stream will definitely be Sunday evening around 10 PM CET. I’ve got some indie gems to show you. Have a great weekend. Ciao


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