A Fusion of Tactical RPG And 4X Strategy – Hidden Pass – Overview

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Hidden Pass Overview

Lead A Team Of Skyfaring heroes in This Colorful Tactical Strategy Game

Hidden Pass, developed by GG Studio, merges a Tactical Turn-Based RPG with 4X Strategy elements, set to release in 2024 on PC, with a Kickstarter Campaign helping raise funds. In the game players will embark on a mystical journey as they navigate uncharted sky-islands using a team of skyfaring heroes. The game features a unique blend of technology and magic, allowing players to wield techno-magical devices and construct automatons. The central quest revolves around exploring the richly secretive and perilous Elyrium crystals, a powerful resource capable of warping reality.

Hidden Pass Gameplay

The gameplay in Hidden Pass is structured around multi-layered combat environments with the ability to switch between three tactical map layers, and some units possessing the agility to fly between these layers, providing strategic depth.

Players manage their base, the Wanderer’s Tower, where they can manufacture units, including Elyrium-fueled automatons, and upgrade equipment. As players progress, they face increasing challenges and must carefully manage the madness induced by Elyrium, which enhances abilities at the risk of losing control.

The developer will soon start a Kickstarter Campaign for Hidden Pass. In the meantime, check out the overview via the Steam Page, screens, and trailer below and don’t forget to wishlist the game.


Become a Wanderer – explorer, warrior, leader and tactician all in one – and solve the mystery of the Elyrium Belt in this single-player turn-based RPG! Master tactical turn-based battles on land and in the air as you outmanoeuvre a plethora of powerful foes.

Seek out Elyrium, a highly valuable and even more dangerous mineral that allows its wielders to warp reality, channelling sorcerous power and bending gravity. Found most frequently in the hazardous Elyrium Belt, only skilled Wanderers such as yourself are equipped for the job.

Your ultimate goal in Hidden Pass is to reach the centre of the Elyrium Belt by any means necessary. Prepare for your expedition at the Wanderer’s Tower, your customizable stronghold, and set out on expeditions against warped magical monsters and rival, covetous factions.

Multi-layered Combat: Combat in Hidden Pass takes place across three map layers, each presenting their own tactical challenges, although flying units are free to move between them and outflank more limited fighters.

Elyrium Madness: Magic is your most powerful weapon, and potentially your undoing. Every ability used brings you closer to the brink, the power of Elyrium slowly driving your units mad. There’s a potential method to this madness, though – the further you push to the edge, the more powerful your abilities become.

Passing the Baton: Field your four best and brightest units in each battle, but plan for attrition. Casualties can be swiftly replaced mid-battle with reserve units from your Tower – don’t accept defeat!

Automatons: Not all of your units are flesh and blood. Your home base’s Factory can manufacture powerful Elyrium-fueled automatons with unique abilities and strengths.

Wanderer’s Tower: Your powerful mobile fortress and home-away-from-home. A flying base where you produce fresh units, upgrade their gear and research new technologies. Your tower can also move between clusters of islands, giving it access to ever-shifting resource pools.

Elyrium Rush: There’s Elyrium in them thar hills! The economy will drive your expedition. Seek out and battle rivals to claim your share of Elyrium, but don’t neglect other useful materials such as Wood and Metal. Enhance your tower and construct units capable of delving deeper into the Elyrium Belt.

Expertise System: Keep your troops alive and they’ll reward you in kind. Level up your troops to unlock powerful new abilities that might just turn the tide of your next battle.


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