Retro-Inspired JRPG With 14 Playable Characters – One Fenix Down – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

One Fenix Down RPG

ONE FENIX DOWN is an upcoming JRPG from indie studio Regalcraft Games that harkens back to the nostalgic ’90s era of gaming with its retro-inspired, classic turn-based gameplay. The game features an expansive world with 14 unique characters and a deep, multi-layered narrative set against the backdrop of war, betrayal, and a quest for redemption. Players will encounter a variety of enemies and can engage in complex combat that utilizes elemental magic, martial arts, and more.

One Fenix Down RPG

The story revolves around the Kingdom of Torloria, which, seven years prior, defended itself against the beastly Goa Empire. As peace hangs by a thread, a young miner, haunted by his past and driven by a cryptic message, sets out to change his destiny and protect something called “Fate.”

With a rich array of items and strategic battles, ONE FENIX DOWN promises a legendary adventure that spans continents and tests the bonds of its characters. The game, still in development, is eagerly awaited with its release marked as “coming soon.” on Steam. Below an overview, screens and trailer.


ONE FENIX DOWN is a story-driven RPG and a passion project spanning nearly a decade. Inspired by the SNES-era classics, it strives to blend the perfect balance of story-pacing, combat design, and timeless characters that defined a generation of gaming.

  • Classic turn-based combat with three difficulty levels.
  • Powerful skills including elemental magics, martial arts, deadly traps, and even the abilities of monsters themselves!
  • A large cast of fully fleshed out characters, each with their own benevolent (or diabolical) objectives and ambitions.
  • 14 playable party members who frequently come and go, keeping gameplay exciting as you continually adapt new strategies.
  • Hundreds of unique items and equipment are spread throughout the world, many requiring an adventurous spirit to obtain.
  • A legendary story spanning multiple continents, kingdoms, and beyond!


Seven years ago the Kingdom of Torloria was besieged by the bestial Goa Empire. Through decisive strategic planning and the sacrifice of countless heroes the Iron Guard of Torloria managed to keep the relentless hordes of Goa at bay. The Kingdom now finds respite under a thin veil of peace.

“The Roshel mines are undermanned.”

In the country’s outskirts, many of the young are summoned to the frontlines while those who remain toil in the mines, seeking a rare resource coveted by a religious order.

The sudden reappearance of monsters in the mines will spur one young miner to challenge his destiny — to confront his shameful past, seek redemption, and carve out a legacy befitting the son of the fabled ‘Hero of Torloria.’

To succeed he must decipher a cryptic message that he alone can hear:

“You must protect Fate.”

His is a journey fraught with tribulation, but his companions just might be the strength he needs to overcome the trials that lie ahead.

Will they rise to the occasion, and together save Fate from the forces that lurk in the shadows?


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