JRPG Live a Live Launches on Playstation and PC

Written by Marcello TBL

Live a Live

SQUARE ENIX has announced that the critically acclaimed HD-2D RPG, LIVE A LIVE, will launch on April 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5 , PlayStation 4, and PC via STEAM. Developed by Team Asano, the studio behind OCTOPATH TRAVELER™, BRAVELY DEFAULT™ II, and TRIANGLE STRATEGY, LIVE A LIVE is a story-driven RPG that features eight different stories with unique gameplay mechanics and settings ranging from pre-historic times to the Wild West.

Players can explore each chapter in any order they choose, or even play through multiple chapters in parallel, thanks to the game’s episodic format. The turn-based battle system allows players to master various gameplay mechanics, such as stealth, suspense, and trap placement. LIVE A LIVE has been revitalized with HD-2D technology that blends pixel art nostalgia with modern graphics, offering a classic RPG experience with updated visuals. The game’s soundtrack has also been rearranged under the supervision of Yoko Shimomura, the original composer of the game.

Live a Live

Players can try out LIVE A LIVE with a free playable demo, available on the PlayStation Store and STEAM. The demo features the opening sections of three of the eight stories: The Wild West, Twilight of Edo Japan, and The Distant Future. Players who purchase the game can carry over their saved progress from the demo to the full version of the game on both PlayStation and STEAM.

Players can pre-order LIVE A LIVE on the PlayStation Store and STEAM starting today, and PlayStation Plus members who pre-order the game before April 27, 2023, can enjoy a 20% off introductory discount. STEAM players who purchase the game before May 11, 2023, can also enjoy the same discount. To learn more about LIVE A LIVE, visit the official website.

Note: Cross-buy is applicable to the PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 version of the game, and save data from the PlayStation 4 main game can be transferred to the PlayStation 5 main game via the Options Menu on the title screen. However, save data from the PlayStation 5 main game cannot be transferred to the PlayStation 4 main game. STEAM players must turn on the Steam Cloud feature in settings before playing the LIVE A LIVE STEAM demo in order to carry over saved demo data to the main game.

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