King Arthur: Legion IX PC Release Date Announced

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King Arthur Legion IX

NeocoreGames, is thrilled to announce that King Arthur: Legion IX is set to launch on Steam this May 9. This game represents a fresh, stand-alone tactical RPG journey in the Arthurian legend’s darker, more fantastical realm, particularly within the King Arthur: Knight’s Tale universe. Aimed at both newcomers and seasoned players of the franchise, Legion IX introduces an entirely new storyline alongside fresh heroes, while still challenging veterans with its demanding gameplay.

To mark the announcement, NeocoreGames is offering a significant discount on their preceding game, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, with a 60% reduction during Steam’s Turn Based Thursday event running from April 4 to April 8.

King Arthur Legion IX

In King Arthur: Legion IX, players find themselves facing the menacing Ninth Legion of Rome, led by the fallen hero Gaius Julius Mento, who, after being bestowed a demonic legion by the deceased emperor Septimus Sulla, finds himself in Avalon instead of escaping Tartarus. Mento’s plans swiftly pivot towards conquering Avalon to establish an Eternal Rome, but not before reassembling his scattered legion.

This game is a blend of turn-based tactics and classic RPG elements, where managing a team of 5-6 heroes through Avalon’s treacherous landscapes and battles is key. Players will find themselves engrossed in deep tactical combat, making critical decisions that impact both their party and the world around them. Legion IX emphasizes strategic warfare, with positioning, traps, and a detailed overwatch system playing pivotal roles in overcoming adversaries.

Introducing six distinctive heroes from the Abyss allows players to develop their characters deeply, with extensive skill trees, artifact looting, equipping, and crafting. Furthermore, the game presents a variety of abilities to navigate challenges, and unlike many tactical RPGs, heroes do not face permanent death, allowing for varied difficulty levels and experimentation with tactics.

Legion IX Gameplay

Moreover, players are tasked with the reconstruction and management of Nova Roma, balancing the expansion of the city with the scarce resources available. The narrative also promises depth, with the player’s choices significantly impacting the storyline, particularly regarding Gaius’s struggle between reclaiming his humanity or succumbing to demonic transformation.

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