King’s Orders – Medieval Strategy Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Ever heard the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword?“. Well, this strategy game from developer AFTERLIFE and publisher Games Operators puts that phrase to the test. King’s Orders is a historical strategy game where you command your armies by writing and sending letters. As the King, you’ll be basing your decisions from reports you get from your generals before sending in your orders. But as with the current state of medieval times, these letters can easily be lost in transit or worst, intercepted.

The King’s first order calls upon you, Knight, to pledge your swords for the King’s Orders. The game’s studio, along with the publisher, recently announced the launch of the game’s crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. By supporting the Kickstarter, you can also secure access to the expanded preview version of the game. King’s Orders also already has a steam page if you want to further check out what the game plans to offer. As well as wishlist the game if you’re interested.

About King’s Orders


King’s Orders is a simplified historical strategy game with an important innovation. You command your armies by sending letters with orders. Messengers with these letters travel the land and can be lost or intercepted. Generals execute orders upon receipt and send you reports the same dangerous way.


    In King’s Orders, you play as a medieval ruler. Your goal is to manage armies and cities on a map of Europe. Give orders by sending letters to your generals and make decisions based on the reports you receive. Re-enact historical events and see how you can change the course of history. Create a dominating empire that shall last for centuries!
    From the frozen Scandinavia to the coast of Africa – claim new territories, expand your influence, and replay unique scenarios. Each one will challenge you with the most pivotal battles of the Middle Ages, with the outcome hinging on your actions. The Hundred Years’ War, the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War, the Reconquista – each can be a setting for your plan to achieve total victory. Do you possess the strategic prowess to forge an ultimate plan that will fulfill your ambitions, regardless of the obstacles?
    King’s Orders is designed for players seeking a more immersive experience than traditional real-time strategies. Communicate with your troops by dispatching messengers with your letters. Send orders and wait for results. Remember it takes time for your runner to deliver the message and the route is full of dangers. Realism is magnified by the lack of battle preview in real-time. Your understanding of events is solely derived from received reports, requiring you to envision the battle and make subsequent decisions based on the information at hand.
    Conquer cities and seize control of valuable luxury goods. Gained gold gives you various opportunities, so spend it wisely. Will you train more troops or focus on fortifying? You decide what kind of ruler you are and how you’re about to manage the economy. Every decision has consequences, and unpopular choices may lead to rebellion against you. Ensure the loyalty and morale of your generals, as they play a crucial role in helping you control the populace.
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