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Valiant Tactics – Upcoming Turn-Based Tactical Roguelite

Written by VeryWetLeaf


Developed by Felid Entertainment, Valiant Tactics is an upcoming turn-based RPG with roguelite elements. The developer’s aim is to make a game that’s instantly accessible as well as fun and fair. Promising to get rid of the hit-chance mechanic from most tactical strategy games. Replacing them with a min/max damage ranges. While also trying to reduce the tediousness that’s almost synonymous to tactical strategy games.

Valiant Tactics is still under development with an unknown release date. However, a free demo is available on Steam to those eager to try the game out.

About Valiant Tactics


Valiant Tactics is a tactical turn-based roguelite RPG that removes all the unfairness and boredom out of the gameplay. Manage your warband, travel through adventure maps, make decisions in an ever-changing environment and fight your way to the toughest challenge!

We Are Removing Unfairness By:

  • Replacing hit chances with min/max damage ranges – so no one will ever have frustration of missing the 95% hit chance like we all did in some games of this genre. At the same time this leaves room for different playstyles – risky and safe. Most importantly, it is you who decides which to choose, will you risk and aim for max damage or plan your tactics with guaranteed outcome like in chess? We even added accuracy stat for those who wish to “manage” uncertainty.
  • Having no character perma-death and enemy critical hits by default – your characters will only get injured if they fall in battle.

We Are Tackling Boredom By

  • Keeping the game as lightweight as possible (not loading it with unnecessary features).
  • Making it playable right away without exhausting tutorials.
  • And of course, making each battle unique with the combination of random enemy team compositions, random placements on the battlefield, map variations, weather system and powerups.


  • Manage your squad and inventory to prepare for upcoming battles or random events on your adventure.
  • Fight turn-based tactical battles against different types of enemies.
  • Weather like rain, wind and snow will affect each combat in different ways.
  • Trade with merchants or defeat enemies to get weapons and other combat equipment that grant unique abilities.
  • Random events will happen across the adventure map – where you will need to make decisions that matter.
  • After each battle get unique upgrades for your characters.
  • Earn glory by competing against other players in leaderboards!
Valiant Tactics – Steam Store



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