Lost Eidolons last update adds the New Game Plus and More

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Lost Eidolons

Lost Eidolons by Ocean Drive Studio launched a massive update with lots of improvements and elements like the New Game Plus Mode, improvements to cutscenes and dialogue, bug fixes and quality of life changes. The New Game Plus mode is unlocked after reached the twenty-seven chapter and players can keep their mastery levels.

Devs stated that they will keep work on the game with the goal of adding new optional battles and improving the ending stages. Below the patch notes and a short video introducing the new addons.

Patch Notes

New Game +
Available to the players who finished all 27 chapters and have ending clear save data.
Start a new game in New Game+ mode with previously saved data like mastery level

Community-Requested Fixes and Improvements

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Character menu UI improvements
    • Character and Equipment menus now display mastery information
    • Mastery requirement of the equipped equipment now shows up on the equipment description window
    • Skill menu is improved
      • The order of the skill menu has been improved to show the equipped skills show first
    • Equipped skill UI has been improved
  • Screen brightness will be reset to default value of 50 due to cutscene improvements in the patch
    • Please adjust and save the brightness as needed
  • Hotkey to end Camp dialgoue has been added – “Esc” on keyboard and “B” for gamepad

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where some of the characters’ codex could not be opened (Borislav, Gisep, Leta, Merton, Pavlo, Rafael, Viturin)
  • Fixed the issue where the character model was broken if the character was selected from the character screen using a hotkey
  • Fixed the tooltip location of the rapport menu
  • Corrected Eden’s position on the podium during Advancement Ceremony
  • Fixed the untranslated text in the skill mastery popup menu in battle


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