Lost in Fantaland – Coming To PS5 and Nintendo Switch In June

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Lost In Fantaland, Key Art

Initially released for PCs via Steam all the way back in 2022, this deckbuilding roguelike will finally grace the PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. Developer Supernature Studio in partnership with global publisher Game Source Entertainment will be releasing their game, Lost in Fantaland on the PS5 and on the Switch this coming June.

Despite the console announcement, the game still sits as an early access title on Steam. With the date for the full release still remaining obscure. But in spite of that, the game is already a pretty solid experience. Having obvious similarities to the massive roguelike, Slay The Spire, adoring fans of the game are even dubbing it, Slay Tactics.

So for those who mainly play on the PS5 or the Switch and fans of the roguelike genre, Lost in Fantaland is coming to your fingertips this June. For those eager to get their hands on the game it’s also already available on Steam.

About Lost In Fantaland

Lost In Fantaland is a retro pixel-style roguelite game that blends deckbuilding and turn-based strategies on a checkerboard. You can choose Warrior, Mage or Deceiver to explore the randomly generated world and fight on a 8×8 checkerboard. You can build your powerful deck and collect a wealth of items and secret treasures in the adventure.

Go and defeat your enemies one by one!


  • The great blends of deckbuilding and checkerboard strategy creates a fresh feeling.
  • The creative card combination play method makes unexpected surprises.
  • Each adventure in the randomly generated world will be different and fresh.
  • Different gameplay by unique character classes.
  • A huge amount of cards, items and secret treasures to unlock and use.
  • Persistent upgrades and carryover between runs.
Lost In Fantaland – Steam Store Page

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