One of the games that struck me most during the Steam Festival 2020, thanks to its dark and mature story. Magin The Rat Project Stories is a narrative-driven with deck-buildings mechanics game. In Magin, we will play as Tolen and you will have to interact with the environment to find secrets and face a lot of choices that will shape the events.

Magin Gameplay

Magin features:

  • A dark, immersive game with a breathtaking visual style.
  • Comic book story with an atmospheric soundtrack
  • A dark, magical world translated into a card-based combat system with innovative mechanics.
  • Darkest Dungeon meets Slay The Spire in a fairytale world of shades of gray.

The developers launched a Kickstarter campaign:

Let me know what you think about Magin The Rat Project Stories in the comments, below my Demo Gameplay.


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