Monster-Taming RPG Inspired by Shin Megami Tensei Announced

Written by Marcello TBL

Pry Into The Void

Prepare to enter the grim world of Pry Into The Void, a monster-taming RPG that challenges players to delve deep into the hearts of both beasts and mankind.

In a dying world, they’ll find themselves in the shoes of Josef, a courageous young man plunged into the unfathomable depths of the Void. His objective is nothing less than the defeat of a malevolent entity, siphoning the world’s life force. Wielding the rare ability to peer into the hearts of monsters, Josef is tasked with assembling a band of allies for his descent into darkness.

Pry Into The Void Gameplay

Players will encounter a branching narrative that beckons them to probe not only the morality of the game’s characters but also their own. Their choices will have a profound impact on Josef’s perspective of the world. How will their decisions mold his comprehension of this dying world?

Key Features

  1. Tactical Combat: A fun and challenging turn-based combat system awaits players, where they will craft the ultimate party and exploit enemy weaknesses and status conditions, inspired by classics such as Shin Megami Tensei and Pokemon.
  2. Monster Diplomacy: Players will converse, negotiate, and grapple with moral dilemmas to recruit monsters, each offering a unique story. Are they ready to face these soulful encounters?
  3. Dark Narrative: The game unfolds a bleak and twisted tale that compels players to question their assumptions about each character. Their choices shape their perception of these characters. Is anyone purely good or evil?
  4. Multiple Endings: Numerous endings lie in wait, each influenced by players’ personal moral choices. Which path will their morality lead them down?
  5. Blind Prophet Mode: For those seeking a greater test, they can replay the game in this punishing mode, inspired by rules of other monster-taming games like Nuzlocke, making their decisions even more consequential.
  6. Thrilling Soundtrack: Players can immerse themselves in the atmospheric metal compositions by the skilled Jun Mitsui, heightening their exploration of the Void.

Pry Into The Void is a PC game with no release date, but a demo is already available on Steam. Below the announcement trailer.


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