King Arthur: Legends Rise Gameplay Trailer and Dev Diary

Written by Marcello TBL

King Arthur: Legends Rise

King Arthur: Legends Rise developed and published for PC by Kabam Games it’s definitely one of the most interesting RPG projects currently in development. Recently, a gameplay trailer and a development diary video have been published.

In this exciting turn-based RPG, players set off on a dark and mysterious journey, inspired by the trials and tribulations of a young King Arthur. They assemble a party of loyal knights and warriors to counter the terrifying enemies that endanger the kingdom. Through exploring a vast, interactive world, players collect powerful Arthurian heroes to build an unbeatable team, outfitting their heroes with the finest weapons and gear, and leveling them up to face more daunting challenges. The players will be visually dazzled as they engage in squad battles against epic bosses and mythical monsters.

King Arthur Gameplay

The player’s journey through the treacherous world of Arthurian legends is enriched by encounters with various characters, including Knights, Mages, Rogues, each with unique backstories, skills, and abilities that aid in battles. Players collect, upgrade, and arm their recruits with powerful medieval weapons, relics, and gear, striving to build the strongest team to safeguard the kingdom.

The game plunges players into a fierce conflict of good and evil. They battle against terrifying monsters and crazed adversaries in strategic and calculated combat, progressing through the interactive world and taking on epic bosses and mythical beasts, each more challenging than the last. With each victory, players refine their skills and master the battlefield.

The game’s landscapes hide mythical weapons and relics that can enhance the heroes’ abilities. Players collect these powerful medieval items to create ultimate weapons that fortify their legends in battle. A particular highlight is the discovery of Excalibur, trapped in stone by Arthur’s Father, King Pendragon, before his death. Wielding Excalibur allows players to reclaim their rightful place as the heir to the throne and rebuild the ravaged realm to its former glory, creating the ultimate fortress for their heroes.

With Kabam’s cross-platform gaming experience, players can take their battles anywhere. Whether on a computer or a phone, they can switch seamlessly between devices, ensuring they never miss out on a thrilling battle or valuable reward. Stated as “coming soon” on PC via Steam and Mobile.


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