Unicorn Overlord Key Art

Unicorn Overlord: Watch 8-Minutes of Gameplay


Unicorn Overlord, the upcoming fantasy tactical RPG, now has a gameplay video available courtesy of Famitsu. Developed by Vanillaware and ...

WitchSpring R Key Art

WitchSpring R: An Overwhelmingly Positive Witch RPG – Review


What started out as a series of mobile RPGs has now been remade as a fully-fledged JRPG. This sleeper hit ...

Limbus Company Teaser Art

Limbus Company: Chapter 5 Teaser Trailer


The next chapter of the motely crew of misfits gets a new teaser trailer. Limbus Company posted on their socials ...


Sacrifice Your Allies and Become a BEAST in This Tactical RPG – Video Gameplay

Marcello TBL

Today, I played the Pre-Alpha build of BEAST, an exciting Tactical RPG recently announced by Indie Studio False Prophet. In ...

King Arthur: Legends Rise

King Arthur: Legends Rise Gameplay Trailer and Dev Diary

Marcello TBL

King Arthur: Legends Rise developed and published for PC by Kabam Games it’s definitely one of the most interesting RPG ...

Trash of the titans Gameplay

Defend your trash in tactics roguelite Trash of the Titans

Marcello TBL

Video games, right? They whisk you off to the wackiest, out-there places that you can barely imagine! This is exactly ...

Symphony of War

Symphony of War Reveal its new DLC with a Trailer

Marcello TBL

In a recent announcement, the developers of the overwhelmingly positive strategy game Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga have officially ...

Together in Battle

New Tactical SRPG Together in Battle now available on PC

Marcello TBL

A new inspired SRPG developed by Indie dev Sinister Design is now available on PC via Steam in Early Access, ...

Songs of Conquest

News and Releases of the Last Week | January 29, 2023

Marcello TBL

Welcome to our latest roundup of the best news and releases in the world of turn-based RPGs and strategy games. ...

Skald Against The Black Priory

The updated demo for SKALD: Against The Black Priory

Marcello TBL

SKALD: Against The Black Priory is definitely one of the most interesting games in the indie scene. It’s a retro-style ...

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