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Sacrifice Your Allies and Become a BEAST in This Tactical RPG – Video Gameplay

Written by Marcello TBL


Today, I played the Pre-Alpha build of BEAST, an exciting Tactical RPG recently announced by Indie Studio False Prophet. In BEAST, players control Anton Sabbados, a mysterious character who must navigate Ottoman camp fields presented in gridless maps featuring cover mechanics and a mix of melee and ranged attacks.

Beast Gameplay

But the very cool thing about BEAST – as the name of the game suggests, is the possibility of awakening the inner demon and activating the beast mode by filling the Insanity Bar. Attacking enemies and taking damage are the things that raise the Insanity Bar, but also executing enemies and allies can help boost it.

When the beast mode is activated Anton Sabbados body will transform, showing off some nice Freddy Kruger’s Claw that helps annihilate the enemies.

BEAST will be at Tokyo Game Show 2023, where players can put their hands on the game, talk with the developer, and learn more about everything related to this dark gothic Tactical RPG. Below is our gameplay first look introduction.


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