Defend your trash in tactics roguelite Trash of the Titans

Written by Marcello TBL

Trash of the titans Gameplay

Video games, right? They whisk you off to the wackiest, out-there places that you can barely imagine! This is exactly what’s happening with the indie title from Thayer and Back Again. It’s called Trash of the Titans, a pixel-art, tactical roguelite that throws you into the tiny shoes of various rodents dealing with… well, their own trash heaps…

Trash of the titans

Okay, I get it. It sounds kinda gross, right? But bear with me! Think about it from a deeper perspective, like fighting tooth and nail for the thing you care about most in the world. That’s the gig for our rodent heroes in this cheeky yet surprisingly strategic roguelite.

As for gameplay, it’s your classic roguelite stuff. You’ve got a node-based map to navigate, battles to fight, events to tackle, and rest stops for that sweet, sweet relief. Combat’s played out on different grid maps, where using the terrain and making the most of our rodent classes makes all the difference.

Trash of the Titans is still in the works, and it’s slated to hit PC through Steam in 2024. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll find my first-look gameplay and a sneak peek through the Valve store.

About Trash of the Titans

It’s turn-based fantasy combat with trash animals. Defend your trash from invading vermin, and use your trash to upgrade your team. Think your way out of ruin by using the shape of each level to your advantage. Be creative, and try to not die.

The Earth overflows with trash, and the old gods have awoken. They are hungry. You must defend the trash from their demonic armies, lest they consume it and regain their full power. It is a dangerous task, but you will be rewarded handsomely.

With garbage. That you can eat.

Defend your dumpsters from the rats, and consume their trash for upgrades. Develop your party’s strengths, and use them to your advantage.

Choose from increasingly powerful abilities as you progress, and use them creatively to your advantage.


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