Tactics RPG Arcadian Atlas Finally Has a Release Date

Written by Marcello TBL

Arcadian Atlas

Exciting news from publisher Serenity Forge and developer Twin Otter Studios as they roll out a new gameplay trailer and finally unveil the release date for the eagerly anticipated tactical RPG, Arcadian Atlas. The game will make its debut on PC on July 27, with a console release slated for later this year. To add Arcadian Atlas to your wishlist, follow this link: Arcadian Atlas on Steam.

Arcadian Atlas

The release date trailer gives a sneak peek at the rich strategic combat and crucial decisions that will be necessary to protect the beautiful and historic world of Arcadia next month: Arcadian Atlas Trailer

Set against the backdrop of a nation in turmoil, Arcadian Atlas is an innovative, story-rich isometric tactical RPG. Players will navigate political rivalries, dangerous intrigues, and awakening ancient evil forces in Arcadia, where a power-hungry queen’s machinations have left everyone vulnerable.

To safeguard Arcadia, players will construct a superior party of adventurers drawn from over 12 unique classes, each boasting individualized skill trees and equipment options. As choices ranging from apothecaries brewing potions to warmancers wielding magical power reveal, every decision in strategic, turn-based battles will shape the destiny of the kingdom and its inhabitants. A single misstep could cause catastrophic damage to your team and the land they strive to protect.

Arcadian Atlas’ stunning pixel art and deep narrative will force players to face challenging, emotionally charged decisions, pulling them into an unforgettable adventure. With the awakening of the Atlas – a power with the potential to alter life in a heartbeat – no one is safe.

For further details about Arcadian Atlas, set to release on July 27 for PC and later this year on consoles, visit the official website: Arcadian Atlas Website.

To keep up-to-date with Serenity Forge, visit their website and Twitter page.

About Twin Otter Studios

Founded by siblings Taylor & Becca Bair in 2015, Twin Otter Studios is an independent game developer. After gaining recognition in various game jams, creating their indie RPG “Genesis”, and acquiring professional experience in the gaming industry, the duo formalized their partnership. With the addition of Paddy Otterness’ coding expertise and the jazz-infused music from Moritz P.G. Katz and sound studio German Wahnsinn, they have brought to life Arcadian Atlas, a passion project years in the making. The team aims to create handmade games with a blend of modern elements and classic aesthetics that they themselves would enjoy playing. They have assembled a cutting-edge, innovative team to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences.

About Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a video game development and publishing studio that takes pride in their thoughtful and dedicated approach to their work. Believers in the artistic, cultural, and educational power of video games, Serenity Forge is committed to designing unique interactive experiences that challenge perceptions and broaden players’ horizons. Learn more at Serenity Forge.


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