Climb Gangs Hierarchical Pyramid in Turn-Based RPG Space Prison – Gameplay

Written by Marcello TBL

Space Prison

A mix of roguelite mechanics, turn-based combat, and a very intriguing social climbing system. This is what the survival RPG Space Prison offers. Currently in development by indie studio Wooden Alien, with a demo available on PC through Steam.

Space Prison, as the name suggests, confines players inside this maximum-security intergalactic prison as a criminal who must serve the rest of their days there. (unless he dies first)

Space Prison RPG

To avoid getting bored, within the prison, the player can wander between the various sections of the building, talking with the other “forced inhabitants” and making new friends to climb the social pyramid made of various gangs and characters shady than ever.

Turn-based fights on 2D grid maps with some exciting features, such as using leadership points to bring other units into battle, enter the enemy’s grid, and vice-versa. As usual for me, it’s easier to show the gameplay rather than describe it, so below you will find my gameplay first look at Space Prison and the overview through the Steam page.

Space Prison is the darkest hole in the universe, the experimental entity gathering both guilty and innocent aliens under the jurisdiction of the artificial system. To stay alive you’ll need to find allies among criminals. Fight for respect in brutal turn-based brawls. And domesticate this hole.
While struggling to survive, find out the dark secrets this place hides and there is a chance you’ll be able to find your way out of here, one way or another…


Earn the trust and respect of the criminals to make them your allies. Build useful connections by helping prisoners with various jobs and learn personal stories hidden underneath those crooked faces. Just don’t step on the wrong alien’s toes. It may be the last thing you ever do.


Fight other convicts, alien creatures and the prison system in fast-paced, tactical turn-based brawls. Use your brain and allies, and move those feet quickly if you don’t want your motionless body to float through space.


Get cozy in your own prison cell, collect junky scraps and improve your super-fancy furnishings: rocky crafting bench, hidden storage behind posters or even a house for your pet rats. There’s no better place than home, right?


Look for scraps, destroy prison property, hunt alien vermin – all to get resources for crafting illegal tools and weapons that you or your inmates need. Be careful not to get caught and you’ll do just fine, fish.


Join one of the prison gangs, like Gravity Fist or Hypernova, with different alien creatures, agendas and fighting styles. Use their backs to climb to the top of a social ladder and become powerful enough to face the prison system itself.


There is no better friend than a rat. Gather snacks for these filthy creatures and soon enough you’ll have an army of long-toothed vermins ready to die for you. Just look into their cute red eyes!


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