10 Indie Gems You Don’t want to Miss -Twitter’s Lair Top Picks #2

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Top Indie Games Gems - Twitter's Lair 2

Unearthing Indie TURN-BASED Games Gems from Turnbasedthursday

It’s time for the second date with Twitter’s Lair Top Picks, my TBL special dedicated to the developers of turn-based games belonging to the indie community that every week participate in the #turnbasedthursday event. In the first episode, I presented a good number of games, and again I did not want to miss the opportunity to propose another list. I particularly appreciated the feedback we had with the developers and readers on the website and Youtube, with a video prepared by our Marcello.

Remember that, first of all, the world of indie games is sharing, friendship, fear, dedication, and commitment, and this applies as much to those who develop as to those who buy. But before starting, you can get in touch with me @indie_Seeker and @turnbasedlovers on Twitter, but also on Discord and Youtube. Let’s start.


Twitter account: @DungeonDrafters

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1824580/Dungeon_Drafters/

Dungeon Drafters is a pixel art game that mixes mechanics both from adventure and deckbuilder where tactics have a certain importance. In addition to a bunch of cards to choose from that will allow different strategies we have a simple story that could enjoy and then there are dungeons and loot in full rogue-lite style.

There are several characters to choose from, and the chance to finish the exploration and return to the city to take a nap reminds me of Etrian Odyssey style. Developed by indie developer Manalith Studios and published by DANGEN Entertainment, this game could be a very appealing product.

Deepest Chamber: Resurrection

Twitter account: @BalconyTeam

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1552080/Deepest_Chamber_Resurrection/

Let’s stay on deckbuilder style with Deepest Chamber: Resurrection developed by Balcony Softworks and published by Those Awesome Guys. After a good debut with Balrum, an interesting role-playing game with survival mechanics, the indie team has wholly changed genre, moving to the roguelite where cards and strategy have great importance. A dying city, a dark evil, and three heroes who have nothing to do, what can go wrong?

But obviously descend the meanders filled with crypts and dungeons (and monsters) to eliminate the source of evil and get cool in front of everyone. The team focuses a lot on a certain confidence with cards that will go deeper as you continue in the gameplay with a degree of challenge in the average (or maybe not, you’ll discover it by playing). The visual style is really beautiful, and there is a mountain of cards and different possibilities.


Twitter Account: @BillionAasmund

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1561960/Yield/

Yeld! Is a strategic 4X developed by Billionworlds that in my opinion is interesting not only because it’s proposed as something immediate and faceted but also for the unique visual style. Set in 401d.C. as a commander of the German army, we will cross the Rhine and begin the barbaric invasions. Rome will defend itself with nails and teeth but our goal is to conquer and consolidate the possessions and progress towards the Italian peninsula.

The developer focuses a lot on a structure that eliminates micro-management as much as possible with eight factions to choose from and variety that will mix with strategy.

Remore: Infested Kingdom

Twitter account: @Remore_IK

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2225480/REMORE_INFESTED_KINGDOM/

A challenging turn-based and tactical role-playing game for Twitter’s Lair Top Picks, with a visual style that reminds me of Stoneshard. Developed by Black Anchor and published by Webzen, I know almost nothing about the narrative of REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM, even if the details are already evident from the title. We will explore wastelands once full of joy and life, and we will have to make our way through pitfalls and a level of difficulty above average.

Unlike other games of the same type, it seems that detection mechanics has been inserted that will see our heroes fight monsters but also escape when the situation requires it. Did someone say Thief: The Dark Project? There are more than a dozen historic weapons and a crafting system that will allow us to cook food and forge weapons and armor. Unlike Stoneshard where you are always alone, this time we will command a party of three heroes ready to annihilate enemies made of pixels and nightmares.


Twiter account: @feudums

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/473750/Feudums/

Feudums is a strategic 4X along the lines of Lords of the Realm, but unlike the older brother differs in some details, in my opinion, important. In fact, an accurate system of vassalage with ample freedom in terms of diplomatic, economic and military choices is foreseen. Developed and published by Kalamona Studios and Matyas Suranyi, it also offers a demo that serves as a development diary and “mini” early access free as it is updated and integrated with the latest innovations although at the moment it offers only multiplayer mode.

The roadmap you can reach here offers a truly impressive and ambitious overview that I trust will be integrated with a substantial single-player mode. Prepare halberd, and still, you go to war.

Vagrus – The Riven Realms New Expansion

Twitter account: @LostPilgrims

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/909660/Vagrus__The_Riven_Realms/

A perfect game for Twitter’s Lair Top Picks, but to present Vagrus – The Riven Realms: Sunfire and Moonshadow we need to take a step back. Vagrus – The Riven Realms is a fantastic role-playing game focused on written and narrative components. We could call it a “gamebook,” but we would be wrong because it’s a turn-based game, because there are iconic characters because the setting is one of the best ever created together with Numenera because it’s difficult because it offers great longevity. We could go on for a long time, but we stop here. Developed and published by Lost Pilgrims Studio, the game will put you in charge of a caravan that will have to survive many difficulties and live many adventures.

To punish the Empire for its sins, the ancient gods unleashed their power a thousand years ago, bringing death and devastation, dispersed for what came next. The continent is now a wasteland, full of arcane anomalies, teeming with twisted monsters, and infested with wandering undead even after long centuries of reconstruction. And in this context, Vagrus – The Riven Realms: Sunfire and Moonshadow offers a new story, factions, and plenty of hours of play and good reading.

Silence of the Siren

Twitter account: @oxymoron_games

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2147380/Silence_of_the_Siren/

Silence of the Siren is the latest arrival from the creators of Project Hospital, that are remaining in the strategic field moving from modern hospitals to a sci-fi setting. The game’s mechanics include turns in which we will explore a far from the peaceful stellar system and fights in different scenarios. The visual style seems simple, but in my opinion, it is also appealing because I noticed a certain variety.

Developed and published by Oxymoron Games, Silence of the Siren brings together a galactic alliance broken and divided into factions that will compete for planets full of ruins and ancient treasures. But to science fiction, why not mix a little mystery? And this is where someone with no name comes into play hidden by shadows that the player will dispel. But they won’t be alien xenomorphs… Will they?

Imperial Ambitions

Twitter account: @thePerpkins

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2219390/Imperial_Ambitions/

Imperial Ambitions is a strategic 4X developed by aoiti and published by Electronic Sheep Games that I was looking forward to talking about on Twitter’s Lair Top Picks. Set in the Renaissance, this interesting product will see us engaged not only on the political front but also on the military and economic.

The graphics in pixel art should not be deceived because its simplicity is accompanied by a mass of content of absolute value that includes mechanics related to the black market, social classes, and the development of a proper and modern transport network.

From the Renaissance to Imperialism, it is a great historical leap that will enable the nation that we will lead to face other superpowers while designing new inventions thanks to a fairly deep technological tree. Also interesting is the chain of production of resources that takes hands-free from other genres. Imperial Ambitions, as the title says, has great ambitions that I feel to share and that I can not wait to try.

USC: Counterforce

Twitter account: @USCtactics

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1574870/USC_Counterforce/

Tired of the usual strategy games? Do you want to shoot at the feet of some xenomorph to make him dance? USC: Counterforce is probably the project for you. Developed by Angry Cat Studios and Creatio 49 and published by Firesquid Games, this interesting tactician will see us at the helm of a group of gassed marines, muscular and with the desire to shoot at everything that moves, but with method and tactics.

Set in the MC83-A colony (someone said Alien 2? Shhh…. I heard a noise and we’re in the dark, but it’s not the kind of darkness that boys like), it will be our duty to understand the causes that led the entire city to disappear but in reality, the stakes are higher.

The top-down graphics is absolutely outstanding, and from the screenshots, it is easy to see how much the developer wants to go ahead to offer a great experience and a damn challenging product. And I love it for that, and even the xenomorphs who can’t wait to party your game over. With interactive and destructible environments, multiple ways to accomplish a scenario, and a procedurally generated dynamic campaign, USC: Counterforce is one of the games I look forward to.

Also, the xenomorphs….

Shadow of the Road

Twitter account: @sotr_game

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1173980/Shadow_of_the_Road/

What better time to talk about medieval Japan than on Twitter’s Lair Top Picks? I have to say that I missed it a lot. But the cherry blossoms and dancing swords are now at the service of an alternative land where unlikely heroes will exploit their yokai abilities with magic and elements taken from steampunk culture. Shadow of the Road, developed and published by Another Angle Games is a genuinely unique turn-based tactical role-playing game that will see disgraced ronins looking for a new reason to live.

The Boshin War is tearing Japan apart, while the forces of the emperor and the shogunate clash in a war of attrition. Neither side will yield, nor will surrender, because they are fighting for something far more important than land or power: a place in the history and future of the Empire. The player’s decision will affect the narrative component which also includes the ability to follow or betray their ideals. A very promising game that could not miss in the list of Twitter’s Lair Top Picks.


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