Baldur’s Gate 3 new release date and details

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Baldur's Gate III

In a recent community update, Larian Studios have made some thrilling announcements regarding the much-anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3. The title is set to release on PC on August 3rd, nearly a month ahead of schedule, with its PlayStation 5 launch following soon after on September 6th, only a week later than initially planned.

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been developed to launch on as many platforms as possible, prioritize readiness and quality. The studio has achieved a remarkable 60fps on PlayStation 5, which is astounding considering the game’s depth.

It features over 170 hours of cinematics and a dialogue script of over 2 million words – three times the length of all three Lord of the Rings novels. In addition, Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces multiplayer and split-screen co-op, all within a scale that’s four times that of the studio’s previous game, Divinity: Original Sin 2.

According to Michael Douse, the Director of Publishing, delaying the PC version didn’t seem fair in such a busy launch period, especially when it was ready for release. Larian is excited to have reached the technical bar that matches their ambitious game design.

The update from Larian Studios also shared previously unrevealed details about Baldur’s Gate 3’s content, from the D&D races and classes featured to new playable characters and companions, and an array of character customization options.

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The statistics highlight the scope of the game:

  • Script contains over 2 million words
  • 170 hours of cinematics
  • 7 playable protagonists each with their own stories and objectives
  • Play as one of 11 races & 31 subraces, with multiple body types
  • 12 classes and 46 subclasses
  • Over 600 spells & actions

Swen Vincke, CEO and Creative Director, appreciates the Early Access community’s role in developing this gigantic game that aims to reward player creativity and bring D&D to life. He eagerly awaits the stories that will unfold once the full game is launched.

Larian will delve deeper into the expansive RPG’s content during the Panel From Hell: Release Showcase live show on July 7th.

For further details on Baldur’s Gate 3, you can also find more information on the official website and stay updated on the latest news from Larian Studios through their social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and their official Discord Server.


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