Raging Bytes – Review

Written by Chochklah


KEMCO announces the release of Raging Bytes for Xbox consoles, PC, PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for the Standard price of 14.99 USD


A police officer named Ben awakens in the hospital after an accident to find the city overrun by zombies! What in the world is going on here? Can the government be relied on? Do any other survivors remain? Can you survive the raging bytes of the zombies?

When the game opens, you don’t know who you are or how you found yourself in this post-apocalyptic wonderland. Your enigmatic protagonist is alone, wandering aimlessly on a desperate mission to find something. The land is ruined, and the few who remain seem as lost as you. The story is not explicitly spelled out, rather serves as the implied tale of a mysterious figure desperately trying to survive both his environment and his own body and mind.

I should mention that the story is deeper than it might appear at first sight. Characters have their own motivations and reasons for helping you, and interestingly, they have their own views of each other. No character exists within their own bubble. Also, have Unique and memorable characters. The characters have their own unique personalities story-wise. Some characters feel generic at first, but eventually, as you delve deeper, they’ll begin to reveal deeper and more complicated layers of their personalities


Raging Bytes is one of those rare zombie survival games that actually encourages you to survive instead of facing wave after wave of the undead.

So, the game’s main challenge is how to set up and prepare your weapons and skills to survive from point A to B, especially on a hard difficulty where all enemies become stronger and require more bullets to take down. Boss fights are well-telegraphed, and some require a tactical move to accomplish. The more you advance, the higher-level enemy and traps you face that encourage to you learn patterns and position yourself in some area more than just holding a trigger.

Combat is simple and fun, and a lot of strategy is involved to succeed with minimal casualties. A lot of different gear to equip your character makes for many different approaches to battle.

The battle system is a fairly standard turn-based one found in JRPGs but is very engaging nonetheless. The ‘Break’ and ‘Boost’ mechanics keep the flow of battle steady and allow for extra strategy in fights.

Traditional boss battles with patterns you have to learn, attacks to avoid, and moments of vulnerability. None of the bosses is “unfair,” and every time I die, it’s because I panicked and did something stupid. If you have an ounce of patience and don’t get greedy, you’ll beat any boss in one sitting. In short, bosses are imaginative, varied, full of character, and very satisfying when you finally beat them.


The pixel art is utterly beautiful and elegant. Fascinating, I’ll put it this way. From all those places- city, underground places to grocery stores, pubs, and apartments Every single location, even the biggest or least important, is adorned with detail, and every NPC is full of personality. Even most of the way into the game, I found myself stopping and just looking at the level of detail that went into every aspect of the art and many of the gameplay mechanics.

Each area of the game has its own distinctive feel and set of enemies posing different challenges. Exploring each new area feels exciting in a way that not many other games master.


The ambient Music track During Battles is super repetitive and the one combat song gets really irritating really fast. Play some of your own music in the background and crank the music volume in the game down very low unless you really love the unimaginative midi drum beat combined with electronic ambient death rattle. Must say the Soundtrack that played in the intro is Amazing!


Every character I’ve interacted with so far seems to have unique personalities and art designs – they’re all highly identifiable in both appearance and dialogue.
Graphics and animations are good enough for an indie game of this type but there’s nothing you would call clean or flashy. I don’t mind this one; I just thought I would toss it in to cover my bases.

Is it the “best” indie game to come out in years? No, not really. Even if the main story wasn’t that good, I still adored every second of Raging Bytes. There was a lot of passion put into this game.

The game probably won’t blow your mind, but it has enough content and meat to justify the price. It has all the gameplay elements I look for in a post-apocalyptic turn-based RPG. The game has a really long story with many different missions and enemy types to explore, filled with all sorts of cool characters and locations to explore. I definitely recommend it!


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