Moonring: A Game Made By Fable’s Co-Creator Releases For Free

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Moonring Main Art

Only one word can describe this move by Dene Carter. And that is “based”. Dene Carter founded Fluttermind after deciding to leave Big Blue Box Studios to make games by himself. His latest endeavor, Moonring, took everyone by surprise by releasing the game on Steam, completely for free.


Moonring is a passion project by solo developer Dene Carter–also known as Fluttermind–made for their love of old-school RPGs and the Ultima series. The game is a retro-inspired open-world, turn-based, tile RPG in the style of the classic Ultima games, but created from the ground up with modern design sensibilities.

The world’s geography is hand-designed, but the deadly dungeons beneath the surface reconfigure each you leave or die. Travel, trade, sneak, fight and sail the world of Caldera. Speak with the townsfolk, learn Caldera’s secrets, and challenge the Archon for his throne or even overthrow the Gods themselves!

Moonring Features

  • Large, hand-designed open world
  • An infinite supply of dungeons generated using your character name
  • Over 100 varied enemy types, from fodder to bosses
  • 35 unique Gifts from the Gods, their usage changing with the moon phases
  • Sailing, ship-to-ship combat and boarding
  • A Dungeon Synth OST with over 50 tracks, all made using retro Mod Trackers!
  • A hidden magic system and many other mysteries

A Note From The Creator

“Hi folks. I’ve loved RPGs since the early 1980s and grew up playing games like Lord British’s Ultima series and early Roguelikes. This is my love-letter to a style of gaming that has largely fallen out of fashion: with its vivid, bright sprites overlaid on stark black backgrounds, true open-world gameplay, and lack of handholding. The days I spent playing these games were spent in joyful exploration and discovery, venturing into the dark unknown, a co-author of the experience, filling in the gaps left by the primitive art with my imagination. For those of you who did the same, I hope Moonring recaptures some of the spirit of those days for you. For those who did not, I hope that the more modern conveniences you find in this game allow you to catch a glimpse of what we did 40 years ago.

My heartfelt thanks to all who spared even a moment to play this. Please be kind to my mistakes. I will fix them. 🙂 “


Try Moonring Out!

Moonring is available on Steam, completely for free so go and check the game out for yourself. Whether you’re a fan of the Ultima series back in the day or you’re a curious young lad who’d like to discover the olden days, Moonring is definitely worth checking out.


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