New Horror Turn-Based Tactical It’s Dark Inside Just Announced

Written by Marcello TBL

It's Dark Inside

Swedish developer Pixadome today announced that its new turn-based horror game It’s Dark Inside will be released on Steam Early Access in 2023. The game is featured on Turn Based Fest on December 8-12th.

Join the adventure where you’ll take on the role of a mother trying to save her child and kill a god from the inside! After your only child is devoured in sacrifice to an abhorrent god, you leap into the gaping maw yourself to save them, come what may.

Your journey will take you from organ to organ, as you meet others that have made these fleshy surroundings their home. Some will help you, some will do everything in their power to hinder you. The game features turn-based movement and a rotational weapons system where every action you take will affect the decisions of your enemies on their turn as well. Plan every bow shot and sword swing carefully, as your next step may be your last.

Stay tuned for more details on It’s Dark Inside with regular updates on Pixadome’s social channels and the games freshly launched Steam page.

Join the Pixadome Discord here to stay up to date on the game: HERE
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Developer: Pixadome
Platform: PC
Release date: TBA

Pixadome is an indie game studio based in Sweden. Their mission is to bring you challenging, high-energy games that are always packed with a ton of personality. Pixadome have been making cool stuff since 2017 and previously released Hayfever and Chenso Club.


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