Fire Emblem-Inspired Archeland opens pre-registration for Korean Gamers

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Archeland JRPG

I usually don’t cover so many mobile games, even if I must do more often, especially when a game deserves attention like Archeland. A turn-based RPG inspired by Fire Emblem, which offers high fantasy drama, a vast set of characters, and a gorgeous graphic style. Archeland is developed by the same dev behind Langrisser Mobile and they just opened the iOS and Android pre-registrations but, unfortunately, only for Korean gamers for now.

Below some info from the dev Reddit page, screens, and gameplay trailer.

In this game, the 2D graphics of Langrisser has evolved into a 3D manga-style rendering. Now the game perspective can be freely changed, conveying a broader feeling of involvement during battles. It will also bring a new visual enjoyment through more than 50 cutscenes presented in 3D.

As in the SRPG gameplay previously mastered by ZLONGAME, SRPG veterans can still fully experience this game’s SRPG-specific strategies and tactics, such as terrain elements, attribute priority relationships, etc.

The game is aimed at novice players as well, and the previously somehow cumbersome system is now been optimized. At the same time, the dungeons design and the combat system have been modified, and a variety of tactical elements have been added to make the gameplay more diverse.

Players can enjoy a variety of PvE gameplays: either adventure with the protagonist or team up with friends to defeat the mighty boss, etc. Or also enjoy the PvP where victory and defeat are determined by quick judgments and timing, for the fun of competition.

In addition to the main quest, players can go through huge side quests to find out the protagonist’s hidden secrets, which may affect the ending of the whole story. Of course, it’s always possible to gather in camps with other players, light a bonfire, and have fun late night chats.

In addition to game development, the music production team and the dubbing cast are also quite remarkable. The composer “Yōko Shimomura”, famous for her work in some of the most known games such as “Kingdom Hearts”, “Final Fantasy XV” and “Gran Saga”, is responsible for the background music.

A ZLONGAME spokesman declared: “Our new SRPG ‘Archeland’ has just been announced. We are doing our best in order to keep alive the spirit of ‘Langrisser’ in ‘Archeland’. Before the game goes live, all kinds of news related to the game will be released, and I hope everyone will follow the updates and support us.”


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