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Dwindle Turn Based Android

Dwindle – Overview

A mobile game of vanishing options… Dwindle is an abstract turn-based strategy game of vanishing options. Patience and foresight are both key factors. Each move reduces the set of possible futur...

Into the Dungeon

Into the Dungeon – Overview

Get ready for adventures in the new tactical RPG! Choose your hero, grab some healing potions and beware immortal Ghost! Background story Going down to the Dungeon for the treasures of the immortal gh...

Exospecies iOS

Exospecies – Overview

A two-player iOS turn-based strategy game that can be played against other humans (locally or online) and against an AI Player in the campaign or a local match. Gameplay OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME Your goa...

Unhatched Puzzle game

Unhatched – Overview

Unhatched is a story driven card puzzler about dragons and adventures. Swipe your way through mind bending card based puzzles and solve the mystery of a very peculiar dragon egg! Gameplay info Unhatch...

Battlerise Kingdom of Champions

Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions – Overview

BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions is a iOS turn-based RPGs developed by Sodigital that offers a mix of strategy and RPG-style combat. It is a game about collecting adventurous champions and teaming the...