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Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Battlerise Kingdom of Champions

BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions is a iOS turn-based RPGs developed by Sodigital that offers a mix of strategy and RPG-style combat. It is a game about collecting adventurous champions and teaming them up against their invading arch-rivals in epic battles, rooted in a deep fantasy world.

In BattleRise, the players must go in head-to-head battles in order to climb their ladder ranks, but also cooperate in reoccurring raids and events. Constant experiments, training, as well as choosing from a variety of weapons and enhancements are essential to building a dominant team.

Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions

Games mode

Battlerise offers the following game modes:

  • Story mode: Three gripping single-player campaigns that offer players to play as good, evil, or a mixture of both to fight unparallel monstrosities and seize the rewards.
  • Arena: Ranked multiplayer mode where players must assemble powerful teams of Champions to climb the ladder and receive greater prizes.
  • Challenges: A variety of short-time period events featuring activities greatly dependent on specific conditions.
  • Raids: The most difficult events in BattleRise driving players to join forces against colossal beasts and long-held nemeses in exchange for the most unique rewards.
  • Conquest: Multiplayer campaign where players choose the side of a conflict to conquer enemy territories while defending their own.

Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions

Key features

  • Grand scale adventure featuring endless hours of action-packed experience
  • In-game events greatly depended on player’s actions
  • Compelling characters, true to the classic fantasy
  • Limitless team-building with powerful items and enchantments
  • Progression system boosting long-term and customer lifetime value
  • Reward acquisition fully gratifying the time and effort put in by players

Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions

About developers

Based in Krakow, Sodigital is all about delivering entertainment experiences. They are game players themselves, so they know how important it is to design amazing experience in their apps. You can visit their official website to learn more about their projects.

Battlerise release date

Battlerise: Kingdom of Champions will be launch soon in beta version you can pre-register here. Below you will find a video trailer.


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